Lewis Hamilton Celebrates 36th Birthday With Big Bucket Hat Energy

That's Sir Lewis Hamilton to you.

Lewis Hamilton Celebrates 36th Birthday With Big Bucket Hat Energy

2020 was a rubbish year for most of us, and the start of 2021 hasn’t been particularly inspiring either, what with insurrection in Washington D.C., Brisbane going into lockdown and snow in Madrid turning the Plaza Mayor into a slush-pit. Okay, that last one is more of an annoyance, but you get our point.

But for Lewis Hamilton, the last twelve months have been pretty good. 2020 saw the Mercedes driver secure his seventh Formula One World Drivers’ Championship title (tying with Michael Schumacher for the most titles ever), as well as become one of the highest-profile advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement worldwide, singlehandedly forcing F1 to take a stronger stance as a sport against racism thanks to his activism.

To top it all off, the Queen’s 2021 New Year Honours saw Hamilton become a Knight Bachelor. GOAT status in your sport and becoming a Sir? That’s doing pretty well for oneself, we’d say.

Sir Lewis Hamilton also happened to turn 36 just last week, giving him even more cause for celebration. The cool and confident Brit took to Instagram to thank his fans for all the birthday wishes he’s received, his positive vibes epitomised through his youthful birthday outfit: a slew of gold chains, a bright orange Calvin Klein 205W39NYC t-shirt and a black nylon Prada bucket hat. Very crisp.

Hamilton’s a fan of the humble bucket hat, having been spotted wearing them on multiple occasions. This classic black Prada one seems to be his favourite, however. He was spotted wearing it a bunch of times last year, most recently donning the designer bucket hat ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the end of last year. We wonder what a medieval knight in shining armour would think about this modern-day knight’s headgear…

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Questions remain about Hamilton’s future in Formula One, as there are only two months left until competition and he’s yet to sign a new contract either with Mercedes or another team. Some are speculating that he might retire, but his father’s confident that he’ll definitely continue racing, The Express reports.

Who needs to retire when you’ve got big bucket hat energy anyway?

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