Margot Robbie Says Her Husband Thought She Took Her Latest Role ‘Too Far’

"You need to calm down."

Margot Robbie Says Her Husband Thought She Took Her Latest Role ‘Too Far’

Margot Robbie has said that her husband thought she took character prep for her upcoming film, Amsterdam way “too far”…

There are only a few more days until Amsterdam, the new dramedy film set in the 1930s and starring Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and John David Washington, is released in theatres.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of the film, Amsterdam will follow three friends who witness a murder and are then framed for said murder. And while trying to prove their innocence, the trio discover a wild political conspiracy is at play.

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Robbie plays Valerie Voze, one of the main trio and a rather eccentric character. And according to Collider, during a recent press conference for Amsterdam, Robbie admitted she spent an extensive amount of time preparing herself to play Valerie.

“Fortunately, I had a long time to prep Valerie; longer than I’ve ever had to prep a character. That was not only because David [O Russell – writer and director of Amsterdam] was so collaborative that he wanted to speak about Valerie, and this film in general, years before we made it, but then also because we shut down because of COVID.”

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“I really had a long time to prep Valerie, maybe a little too long, to be honest. I started making a lot of Valerie art, at home in lockdown, and it was getting very weird. She’s cooky and artistic and nuts.”

Robbie then went on to say that her husband thought she was taking her character prep to the next level – not in a good way – and suggested she “calm down”.

“At one point, my husband walked in, and I had bits of metal and fake blood, and I had my Super 8 [camera] out, and I had a mask on, and I had all this crazy stuff. He was like, ‘I think you’re taking this character too far. You need to calm down.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’”

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While early reviews of Amsterdam are not great, many have commended Robbie’s performance. So maybe all that time spent preparing and doing bizarre stuff to get into character will pay off and earn Robbie her first Oscar…

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