Mark Wahlberg Champions Dad Bod Trend Taking Hollywood By Storm

There's hope for all of us.

Mark Wahlberg Champions Dad Bod Trend Taking Hollywood By Storm

For all the stick women (justifiably) give the media with regards to ever-changing body types, men don’t exactly have it easy either. Constantly bombarded with images of guys with rippling torsos, biceps with peaks like Everest and legs that can crush watermelons, the ‘masculine’ ideal lays quite the gauntlet.

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When it comes to choosing inspirational figures to follow on our quest to achieve the ideal male physique, one such name that can stand proud amongst the rest is Mark Wahlberg. The American actor has so often been a source of workout fit-spiration here on the DMARGE pages, thanks to his gruelling workouts that could easily see us turn our flab to fab.

But no sooner have we put across those messages – along with the mental workout of hitting the gym in the early hours – Mark appears to have jack-knifed on his commitment to keeping himself as huge as possible, as revived the dad bod trend. Posting an image to his Instagram account, Mark appears to have undergone a body transformation that, to be honest, took us by surprise.

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Posting the shocking image along with the caption, “From this 3 weeks ago, to this, now. Thanks for @chef_lawrence_d cooking.” At first, we wondered if he’d got the images the wrong way around, but no, he has ditched his six-pack abs in favour of a more rotund figure.

In the image in question, he doesn’t look overly pleased with himself, but at least he looks as though he doesn’t need to worry about his next meal. While Mark hasn’t confirmed himself, several comments suggest he’s been let loose on the junk food and brought back the dad bod in preparation for an upcoming movie role, something which could have potential ramifications on his mental health.

Alternatively, he could simply be going through a bulking phase, with a plan to drop the weight in a few months time to help achieve greater lean muscle definition.

Mark isn’t the only one who may need to go buy himself some wider fitting jeans, as fellow Hollywood megastar Will Smith also recently posted an image suggesting he too is taking it easy on the workouts.

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Adding the caption, “I’m gonna be real wit y’all – I’m in the worst shape of my life”, Will at least continues to have a smiling grin on his face as he poses outside in just his underwear and a jacket.

Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was quick to chime in in the comments, saying, “Will, you poor baby, I’m crying for you, even though you’re still in better shape than 90% of America. Keep pumping!”.

The majority of comments praise Will for his confidence and honesty, and Hollywood movie director Michael Bay said, “Well…let’s get the band back together?? Bad Boys Final Chapter. You’ll get in shape I guarantee you!”. That’s certainly how rumours start.

The takeaway message from both of these posts, however, is that we shouldn’t obsess over achieving a body with a body fat percentage lower than Salt Bae’s. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising even for just an hour a day is more important than getting neurotic about ‘macros.’

Besides, we even have proof that women aren’t that bothered about six packs anyway…