Mark Wahlberg Has More Injuries Than An Entire Football Team

And yet his muscles still have muscles...

Mark Wahlberg Has More Injuries Than An Entire Football Team

Mark Wahlberg has more injuries than a battered and bruised football team. At least, that’s how it appears, according to a recent video Marky Mark posted to Instagram.

Mark Wahlberg has an astonishing list of injuries. But that hasn’t stopped him from conquering his inner laziness and working out like a champion. The Unchartered, Mile 22 and The Figher star recently posted a video of himself running through his list of injuries, while in the gym, to his Instagram account, showing his 20.3 million followers what it’s really like keeping in shape as a 51-year-old actor.

WATCH: Mark Wahlberg shows off all his injuries

“Alright I got an MRI yesterday I got a tear,” said Wahlberg, pointing at his elbow. “Doc what’s the diagnosis on the tear?”

“Alright, that’s good,” Wahlberg moves on without waiting for an answer. He then points to his left shoulder and then his right shoulder saying “I got a tear here, I got a tear here, I got a tear in the meniscus [pointing at his knee].”

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The rant was far from over, however. Wahlberg then shared: “I got some herniated discs and s*** but what do we do? Work through it! Work through it man. Mind over matter. Doc give them a diagnosis on the shoulder.”

His “doc” then said: “Small tear in the extensive tendon.”

Wahlberg appears to know how to train regardless, a few days later posting the following video showing him looking muscly as ever. In fact, it looks like even his muscles have muscles.

Trying Wahlberg’s routine is not for the faint-hearted, but if you want to give it a go, check out the following article.

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