YouTube Video Uncovers What Women Love Most About Men In The Gym

"No calves, no date."

YouTube Video Uncovers What Women Love Most About Men In The Gym

Picture this: he’s six-foot tall, eyes like Zac Efron, an upper body like Chris Hemsworth, personality like Conan O’Brien and… he doesn’t even have an unhealthy dependence on emojis.

There’s still one thing missing though, according to a hilarious video by ‘modern-day Arnold Schwarzenegger’ Jo Lindner which dropped yesterday. The German fitness fiend took to a Dubai gym to quiz female patrons on, “what do women think is the most important muscle men should train?”

The resounding theme? Legs. That’s right: it turns out, though we’re all sweating away amassing abs of steel and shoulders like slabs, our neglect of leg day is not going unnoticed. While some women were quick to point out there were other more important considerations to make (think: personality, height; eyes), when pressed on the point, a man’s lower appendages came up again and again.

Some of the top “they have to have it” responses include: “As long as his legs are bigger than mine it’s fine.”

“Shoulders… and legs.”

“Not a complete no go (if his legs are skinny)… but I advise him to train more legs” one said. This sentiment was backed up by further comments like, “Most of the guys in the gym are working upper body and nobody has nice legs.”

This caused mild devastation in the comments of the video, where one man wrote, “For god sake man why are you choosing the only body part that i can’t develop.”

Other responses (from the women at the gym) included: “Everything. You should have all muscles I guess.”

“Proportionally. Not like Spongebob.”


“If you can not take care of your body it means you cannot take care of your life.”

Only one woman in the gym said she really craved a guy with a strong chest. Food for thought – and yet another reminder not to skip leg (or chest) day. It’s not just trips to the physio but also your love life that could hang in the balance…

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