Tourists' 'Sad' $10 Salad Sparks 'New Normal' Concern For Travel Industry

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Tourists' 'Sad' $10 Salad Sparks 'New Normal' Concern For Travel Industry

Image: Holiday Check (not the restaurant mentioned in the piece).

When you finish a long day hiking you want filling food. For one unfortunate tourist, this was not to be, as he ordered a $10 salad only to be given a plate of undressed tomatoes and a pinch of limp onion.

The man, who had been on a hiking tour in Amrum, an island in Germany, took to Reddit on Wednesday to express his dismay (and a photo of said atrocity).

“This salad for 6 euros after a long mudflat hiking tour.”

From “haha ‘salad'” and “I wouldn’t pay for this sh*t” to “classic tourist trap” the comments were brutal.

“What? Do you want us to chew it for you too? – Angry German Cook.”

“That salad is sadder than my life,” another wrote.

The discussion then went beyond the immediate issue (as The Sun reports, it’s hardly the first time tourists have been ripped off) and started hinting at what this ‘salad’ represents for the future of travel.

“Why make the effort? So you can keep some of the little dignity you have left? Tourists are paying their salaries and they rip them off, that’s disgraceful.”

While Germany has never been known for its vegetables, and while this salad is an absurd, isolated incident, as the pandemic sweeps the world, experts agree travel will get more expensive.


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Perhaps we’ll have to get used to getting less bang for our buck?

Food for thought.

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