Nick Jonas Jacket: Singer Spotted In Suede Trucker Jacket

It's a whiteout in Summer.

Had you asked me 12 months ago whether I would ever consider purchasing a suede trucker jacket I would have laughed. Fast forward to today and it seems the joke is firmly on me. Suede is officially a fabric for all seasons and the trucker jacket is back and officially a smart casual essential.

The always fashionable couple, Nick Jones and Prianka Chopra stepped out this week in Paris and was snapped wearing an oversized white suede trucker with black jeans and white sneakers. Nick’s trucker jacket features four pockets and he wears it with the sleeves up. Maybe because of Paris’ hot summer? Maybe because of the jacket arm length. Either way, we’re cool with it.

So where does one acquire such a thing as a white suede trucker jacket? Well, they’re not easy to find but you have a few options. First, suede isn’t your only option. A white denim jacket will be a suitable substitution. Alternatively, we would recommend checking out Todd Snyder’s range of suede jackets in soft colours or this beige one in chord material.

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