No Time To Die Ending: New Evidence Suggests Killer Plot Twist For James Bond

Armed and dangerous.

No Time To Die Ending: New Evidence Suggests Killer Plot Twist For James Bond

We’ve had leaked images of new weapons and allegations ‘No Time To Die’ might not be Daniel Craig’s last appearance as 007 but – until now – there have been relatively few spoilers for next year’s much-anticipated Bond flick.

That may be set to change, as new Bond Girl Ana De Armas has just put her foot on a banana and engaged in a spot of Freudian figure skating. Or so the gossip mags would have you believe.

“In a new interview, de Armas did her duty keeping clues about the hotly-anticipated Bond 25 under wraps as [s]he opened up about doing her first-ever action movie, but appeared to hint at one part of her character’s story,” reported on Friday.

This new interview was conducted by C Magazine, to whom Armas said it was a “very strange transition” going from (playing) Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Blonde to a (so far nameless) Bond Girl in ‘No Time To Die’: “It’s so different.”

“I’ve never done an action movie and I must have underestimated what these kinds of movies are, but I must say I’m really impressed.”

She then revealed her character in the new 007 film is in some action scenes; as puts it, “Involved in trying to take down her opposition,” even implying she shot scenes where she was “killing people.”


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“Man, it’s really hard. The training, to stay true to the kind of movie, to the tone. Everything takes so long, so your energy level, when you’re waiting, goes down,” Armas told C Magazine.

“And then you’re suddenly on set and you have to start killing people or kicking people. And it’s in high heels!”

“The woman I’m portraying is different [than previous Bond girls]. It has some bubbles in it. It’s really fresh and exciting,” she added.


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Australian 007 fan page James Bond Down Under has told D’Marge this change is “part and parcel” of a modern Bond Girl. The also added, however, that they doubt she will have too much (by the way of action) to do because “previously actresses have had months of training.”

Ana, on the contrary, “turned up to the press launch without knowing a great deal” and has since (probably) “had a crash course with the scenes she needed to complete.”

“Whether she is killing villains or being part of the villain’s regime is something we don’t know yet.”

JBDU also noted that we’ve seen Bond Girls kill before, particularly in the modern era. They did admit, however, that “especially with Phoebe Waller-Bridge on board we are bound for some surprises.”

Ana De Armas recently appeared alongside Bond co-star Craig in Rian Johnson’s new comedy-thriller Knives Out, and has also previously starred as Joi in Blade Runner 2049.

Here’s hoping her performance in ‘No Time To Die’ can live up to her previous roles – and with Daniel Craig (and a deadly pair of heels at her disposal) – maybe even surpass them.

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