Odell Beckham Jr Suit: NFL Star Shows How To Escape Common Suit Mistakes

"What you carrying in there besides clout?"

Odell Beckham Jr Suit: NFL Star Shows How To Escape Common Suit Mistakes

While it’s sometimes disparagingly referred to as the ‘business burqa’, there’s nothing quite as versatile and stylish as a suit. The cornerstone of formal menswear, the humble suit can also work spectacularly well in a smart casual outfit, if you’re not afraid to have a little fun with it.

But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to suits. Black and navy blue kinda work with everything, and maybe you’re in need of some sartorial inspiration.

Never fear: Odell Beckham Jr is here. The NFL star leads by example when it comes to the suit game, stepping out before the Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals game yesterday in a slick grey Louis Vuitton suit, contrasted with a simple black polo neck, black patent leather oxfords and some icy bling.

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It’s a very 70s look, particularly with the blazer and bling over a black polo neck. But at its core, it’s quite a restrained fit. It shows that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to varying up your suit game: pairing a left-of-field suit colour with a basic shade like black is all you need to do to make a style statement.

While social media had a lot of love for OBJ’s outfit, one commenter took aim at the look, particularly at the black carry-on suitcase he– was pushing along: “the extra-ness on these players nowadays lol… what you carrying in there besides clout?”

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A spectacular touchdown with 11 seconds left on the clock sealed the win for the Browns on the weekend, beating the Bengals 37-34. The Browns’ next game will be a home game in Cleveland against the Las Vegas Raiders on the 2nd of November. The odds are in the Browns’ favour according to Sportsbet, but with star player OBJ, unfortunately, tearing his left ACL (a season-ending injury) during this Bengals game, the Raiders might just be in with a chance.

Football aside, check out our guide to wearing a grey suit if OBJ’s style has got you inspired.

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