Ozark Season 4 Part 2: Final Episodes Drop Tomorrow & They Look Hella Messed Up

Although still not ready for the show to be over...

Ozark Season 4 Part 2: Final Episodes Drop Tomorrow & They Look Hella Messed Up

Spoiler alert: the following article contains spoilers for Ozark.

If you’ve been anxiously waiting to see what happens next to money-laundering Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, and his family, you’re in luck. We finally know when the final episodes of the award-winning crime-thriller, Ozark will be able to stream.

Of course, being a Netflix Original, Ozark’s final episodes from Season 4 will be released onto the streaming giant, Netflix. Unlike previous seasons of Ozark, Season 4 contained a total of fourteen episodes as opposed to ten, and was split into two ‘parts’. Only the first seven episodes or ‘Part 1’ of Season 4 were released earlier this year in January, but now the remaining seven episodes or ‘Part 2’ will be released on Netflix tomorrow (April 29th)!

To celebrate, Netflix has released a sneak peek of Ozark Season 4 Part 2; the streaming service posted a short scene that shows Ruth meeting Killer Mike on their official Youtube account. You can watch the clip below: 

To quickly refresh your memory, in a nutshell, Season 4 Part 1 of Ozark ended with FBI agent Maya Miller double-crossing both Omar Navarro and the Byrdes, Marty and Wendy, and has Navarro arrested. This really hindered the Byrdes as, over the course of Part 1, both Marty and Wendy jumped through multiple hoops to end their association with the cartel, and when Navarro accepted an off-the-record deal to keep running the cartel but report back to the FBI, they thought they’d be able to finally move back to Chicago. Wrong!

Season 4 Part 1 also introduced us to a new character, Javier, – Navarro’s nephew – who after Navarro’s arrest becomes the new cartel boss. Javier also killed Wyatt – Ruth’s cousin – and Darlene, and Ruth is now hell-bent on revenge against Javier. 

Of course, many more plot points occurred over Ozark‘s Season 4 Part 1, but we highly recommend quickly binging it tonight before Part 2 drops; it is one of the best shows Netflix Australia has to offer. Alternatively, you can watch the official Season 4 Part 1 Recap Video below:

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