Alleged P. Diddy Abandoned Mansion Sends Internet Into Meltdown

"If you know where this is don’t explore it."

What does it take to turn your place into a crib? A dedicated pool house is a good place to start. Speaking of which, an epic video of what is allegedly an abandoned P. Diddy mansion – including that very aquatic accessory – has just sparked much speculation on Instagram.

Originally posted by @bigexplorez – an Instagram account dedicated to curating Broken America – the video was today reposted on Complex, igniting debate.

The original filmmaker did not give away the location, simply writing, “Abandoned Mansion Owned by Rap Superstar. If you know where this is don’t explore it. Trail cameras everywhere and the cops were nice enough to not throw us in jail.”

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After the video’s reposting on Complex, users asked all sorts of questions in the comments. From rumour-mongering about why it was abandoned (see: “It was allegedly sold to developers that never got to start construction” and “laundering money”) to guesses as to its location (including “Georgia” and “West Adams, LA”), all sorts of discussions emerged.

The location of P. Diddy’s abandoned crib has been a topic of interest for urban explorers for years, this Reddit thread suggests.

Another claimed it was vacated as P.Diddy “kept on seeing biggies ghost.” Whatever your theory – it’s a great way to spend a minute.

The filmmaker has a bunch more abandoned locales available for your viewing pleasure too, from 1970s hospitals to decaying baseball stadiums and schools.

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Update: DMARGE received the following correspondence from a lawyer who claims to be the legal counsel for the property owner described in this article.

The email stated: The property has been owned by the same family for close to 15 years, and there is absolutely no connection or affiliation to Diddy.  Moreover, there is absolutely no information that Diddy was ever involved with this property except rumors circulating.

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