Qatar Airways Have Found A Way To Guilt You Into Working At 40,000ft 

Moveable walls and slidable panels allow travellers to turn their suite into an office-style space for meetings with up to four colleagues.

For business travellers, the ability to get some quality shut eye is second only to getting work completed. And if you (or your team) are about to walk straight out of the airport and into an important meeting with a clear mind, you’re going to want both.

With Qsuite, Qatar Airways’ new revolutionary Business Class offering, business travellers can now make the most of their time in the sky thanks to the shiny new conference rooms available in each suite, at 40,000 feet. Although some might take this as an unwelcome hint to take their eye-masks off and put their productivity hats on, the suite comes with state of art relaxation facilities too.

The recently launched, award-winning Qsuite is the first ever Business Class suite available on Australian flight paths, featuring lie-flat double beds, moveable partitions, privacy doors and plenty of workspace.

The cutting-edge quad configuration with moveable walls and slidable panels allows travellers to turn their suite into an office-style space for meetings with up to four colleagues (five, if you don’t mind getting cosy).

Highlights include:

  • Quad configuration: adjustable monitors and panels allow business travellers to create their own office in the sky
  • Double bed: lie flat double beds with premium sleepwear ensures you are well rested before the important work meeting
  • Work space: abundant table space in the suits allow for plenty of room to work or share a meal with your colleagues
  • A-la-carte menu: restaurant-style quality meal from a specially designed menu will have you reimagining what airline food can be

And who knows, there may be more to come: “As we continue to grow in Australia, we are glad to also be contributing to the market by providing greater consumer choice,” Qatar Airways GCEO, Mr. Akbar Al Baker said in a press release.

“Since its launch, Qsuite has received tremendous attention globally, and we are delighted to introduce this revolutionary product on our Canberra and Sydney routes.”

For those itching to get their mitts on the coolest workspace since Hemingway’s Finca Vigia, The Qsuite is available on flights to and from Canberra via Sydney to Doha, then onwards to over 150 destinations.

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