Rapper Yung Gravy Pummelled With Bras After Pledging Money To Women’s Charity


Image Credit: @yunggravy

American rapper ‘Yung Gravy’ has pledged 678 bras (and counting) to charity, claiming he will match the dollar value of all the bras thrown at him and donate it to breast cancer charities.

In perhaps the most 2022 story you’ll read this week, American rapper Yung Gravy, the guy responsible for such hits as Betty, C’est la vie, Oops! and Mr Clean, has pledged to donate a bunch of money (and bras) to charity. This comes after “Minneapolis set a new record with 159 bras on stage,” the rapper announced on TikTok.

WATCH: Fans throw their bras at rapper Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy said: “We have now collected 678 to donate to women’s shelters.” He added: “I’ll match the final value with a donation to breast cancer charities. So ladies, how much do you pay for a decent bra these days?”

The rapper’s pledge split opinion, with some calling it an ingenious way to raise awareness for a good cause, and others calling it weird. One Twitter user said: “Yung gravy donating the bras that ppl throw on stage to women shelters is kinda iconic.”

Another said: “It was weird when women and minors threw bras at Elvis, it’s weird that women and minors throw bras at All Time Low, it’s weird that women and minors throw bras at Yung Gravy. It’s not just ATL. it’s weird it’s weird it’s weird.”

Another said: “No all time low is just a bunch of freaks yung gravy has full intentions of donating and not collecting MINORS BRAS FOR HIMSELF.”

Yet another commented: “If I hadn’t been wearing my favorite bra to the yung gravy concert I woulda thrown mine too.”

Another shared their experience of the concert, writing: “So I went to the @yunggravy and @bbnomula show last night in Austin and I took off my bra and I turned to the guy I had just met in line to the show and asked him to throw my bra at Gravy. I don’t think I’ve seen a guy’s face light up like that in a while.”

It remains unknown how much money Yung Gravy will be donating to charity. But if we assume the average bra costs $50, then Yung Gravy ought to be donating at least $33,900 to charity, to match the 678 bras that have apparently been thrown so far.

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