Smart 'Ratio Rule' You Need To Follow If You Want Huge Arms

Want frigate-like forearms? Read this.

Smart 'Ratio Rule' You Need To Follow If You Want Huge Arms

Image: Ross Edgley

We’d all like arms like Thor and a face like Hemsworth. Unfortunately, the latter is not achievable in the gym. The former, however, could be yours if you play your weights right.

Helping you develop frigate-like forelimbs is a ‘ratio rule’ which fitness coach Peter O Reilly recently took to Instagram to explain.

The main idea? Work your arms with 80% compound exercises and 20% isolation ones. For compound exercises, think: chin-ups, close grip bench press, dips and bent over rows; for isolation exercises think bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, preacher curls and overhead extensions.


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Especially if you’re after big gains, skimping on the compound exercises is a no go. As O Reilly puts it: “The fastest way to grow huge guns is by focusing on heavy, compound lifts.”

“Compound exercises and heavier weight loads will lead to a greater release of your body’s natural growth hormone, driving your overall muscle mass.⁣”

⁣”Although accessory movements (aka isolation exercises) can give your arms a fuller appearance, it will not be the main driver of muscle growth as compared to compound movements⁣,” Reilly finished.

The gym awaits.

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