How To Get Russell Westbrook's Style

Russell Westbrook is hands-down the peacock of the NBA.

How To Get Russell Westbrook's Style

The sports star understands fashion, too. He’s designed for Barney’s New York and has a Nike Jordan collection drop due early this July. And, the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball-er is a regular on the fashion week circuit, seen this season front-rowing it in Paris, New York and Milan.

Westbrook’s been dubbed a style ‘diva’ by his teammates but really he just says it like it is: “Jeremy Lamb, one of our rookies, he used to wear these slip-on, slide-in shoes with nice pants and a shirt, so I told him to switch the shoes to maybe some nice wing-tips,” the star parlayed to ESPN in a recent interview.

Love him for his unabashed appreciation for fashion and ‘why not?’ approach to style; changing his look so often, it’s a game in itself just trying to keep up.

Breaking It Down – Russell Westbrook Style

Russell Westbrook style

Nothing is off-limits with 26-year-old Westbrook. He isn’t shy of leopard print and sugary colours, and is fine with the more demure black-on-black. Big on trends, Westbrook sports longline tees and skinny fit jeans that rip precariously high above the knee. But he appreciates heritage tailoring made from wool or linen, and confesses to shopping from high-street retailers, as well as the luxury maisons.

Westbrook is an icon insofar as his clothing is an extension of himself. The True Religion ambassador is even at home around the blander sporting types; his 6’3″, 200-pound physique parading hyper-print shirts and neon eyewear at high-brow NBA events, just to cause a stir. ‘Why not?’ exactly, Mr Westbrook.

Sports Rock

Russell Westbrook style

Westlake’s go-to casual get up of late is a blending of active wear with rock ‘n’ roll. Made cool by Kanye West, the seriously ripped jeans and digitally-printed tee in sombre blacks and greys, get sporty when shirts are cut from synthetic nylons or neoprenes (instead of cotton) and paired with a pair of bouncy b-ball kicks.

A snapback cap gives an active play on rocker jewellery, made all the more glam-ish with suede sneaker/boot hybrids basing out the sports rock theme.

Modernly Prepped

Russell Westbrook style

Not one to dress ‘safe’, Westbrook’s taste for preppy tops and collegiate outerwear and knits are far from traditional and tame. The polo is redefined as a lightweight knit and makes a focal feature with an intarsia print mimicking a maze. A cashmere cardie layers sleekly (sleeves rolled) before the star’s penchant for accessorising leads to a smart fedora and barely-there wire frames.

The eyewear is more prominent with dressier prep looks too, as thicker, square rims, work off the black sheen of a contrast-sleeve, varsity bomber jacket. A graphic, summer button-down and dark chinos takes this modern collegiate from day-to-night – and into the early hours of the morning, party-style.

Heritage Tailoring

Russell Westbrook style

When showing a more serious side, Russell Westbrook style is to do so with heritage suits. ‘Superwool’ isn’t the name of an action hero sheep, as Westbrook’s fashion vocabulaire knows all too well, but rather the finely woven fabrics that make up the sportsman’s lustrous two-piece suits. Cut sharp, the suit requires bi-coloured brogues so the earthy brown single-breast piece walks with a subtle edge.

For travel, tailoring looks more relaxed with sportswear-inspired checked blazer, snug and light in cotton and heritage checks. Over white-party chinos, the all-American look is vamped up with sneakers (kept tonal and neat). The checks spill onto his carry-on bag, too. Recognise that French luxury print?

Urban Monochrome

Russell Westbrook style

Nothing says ‘chic’ more than black. Sleeking-up his urban game (a no-brainer when attending fashion week), Westbrook plays around with sports parkas that feature utility zips and trimmings, going for the half-tuck with lightweight outerwear into slim-fit jeans, over hiker boots.

Outside, in the street, Westbrook lifts his streetwear game with a nylon sweatshirt (cut super lean) over jogger pants, reworked with biker knee pads and embossed stripe-age. A backward cap and his own monogrammed undershirt with numeric logo, reminds onlookers that he’s indeed, on the winning style side. Team ‘R W’, that is.

Key Russell Westbrook Style Items

Suit: Dior Homme, always.

Shirt: Givenchy and Allsaints for digi-prints and Bape and Pigalle for sporty versions.

Jacket: Ralph Lauren sports coat, Ovadia & Sons topcoat or Public School NY parka. Go Balmain for leather.

Shoes: Nike Jordans, Berluti wingtips, Comme Des Garçons derbies and suede boots from Saint Laurent.

Denim: True Religion, Zara, G-Star.

Accessories: Louis Vuitton leather pouch for travel, Cutler & Gross frames, Alexander McQueen chains.

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