Salt Bae Ab Workout So Scary Even He Can’t Watch

A workout that will leave you rawer than a rare steak.

Salt Bae Ab Workout So Scary Even He Can’t Watch

Salt Bae, the internet’s sexiest butcher just revealed a workout hack which could be your ticket to abdominals of steel. That hack? Adding resistance bands to your sit up routine.

Confused? Hear us out.

The butcher turned restauranter, fitness freak and internet meme has been a salt sprinkling icon since 2017. His workouts (and body fat percentage of 5.8%) provide muscle-building inspiration for many around the world

Last week he showed a breakfast hack to potentially increasing those gains. This week Salt Bae took to Instagram to reveal a strange sit up technique that could help you achieve similar abs of steel.

Said technique? Adding a resistance band to your situps, to make the sitting down part harder.

While most gym-goers will have tried the opposite – and vastly more popular – approach of holding a weight to make coming up more difficult, Salt Bae’s approach (or at least his rippling stomach) perhaps shows why it pays to think outside the box.

Though some experts are dubious as to the benfits of sit ups, claiming six packs are really made in the kitchen, others (see here and here) spruik the benefits of incorporating a resistance band into your core workout. Salt Bae’s figure appears to testify to that sentiment.

That said, no one, as far as we can tell, has been seen doing the exact move Salt Bae does in the video at the top of this page. Moving on from that, Salt Bae also recently showed off a few more conventional exercises, including his version of hip thrusts…

… and squats with his back against the wall.

There’s your Monday fitness inspiration, served hot.

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