Salt Bae’s $1300 Steaks Catapult Restaurant Empire Profits To $6 Million

What cost of living crisis?

Salt Bae’s $1300 Steaks Catapult Restaurant Empire Profits To $6 Million

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Salt Bae has always been soemthing of an obsession for us here at DMARGE. From his initial meteoric rise to viral stardom to his immensely impressive workout routine, from his booming business during the World Cup his less-than-glamorous efforts to get a selfie out of Lionel Messi, the man really has seen it all in the seven years since he became a household name.

Now, the star has welcomed the news that, despite people around the world grappling with an ongoing cost of living crisis and soaring energy bills, his restaurant group has seen a staggering surge in profits. The London-based Nusr-Et Steakhouse reported a 44% increase in profits in 2022. According to a recent filing with Companies House, their pre-tax profits rose from £2.3 million to £3.3 million (approx. A$6.3m) in the space of just one year.

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The global empire spans Turkey, Greece, the United States, and a swathe of other locations. Continuing to thrive despite the ongoing cost of living crisis that has affected households around the world, but been especially acute in the UK, thanks in part to the status of celebrity chef-owner and its wholly extravagant menu. One of the most talked-about items is the Wagyu striploin, which will set diners back nearly £700 (approx. A$1350).

Salt Bae gained viral fame in 2017 through a series of videos flaunting his unique and flamboyant style of sprinkling salt and slicing meat. Rapidly capitalising on this first burst of success, Salt Bae has undeniably done far, far better than most viral stars in terms of doubling down on his success and finding a way to profit from it in the long term. While his restaurant no longer offers the controversial gold-plated cuts of meat that cost up to £1,450 (approx. A$2700) the menu remains incredibly opulent.

Naturally, the restaurant group hasn’t been immune to the challenges posed by rising energy costs, exacerbated by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these effects will have been felt equally as much, if not more acutely, but his potential customers, who nevertheless seem very willing to shell out their limited disposable income on his reel-ready fare.

Image: New York Post

In October 2022, the UK experienced an annual inflation rate of 11.1%, the highest in 41 years. Although inflation has since eased, lower-income families continue to bear the brunt of escalating prices.

However, Salt Bae’s American ventures haven’t fared quite so well. His Manhattan burger restaurant, simply named ‘Salt Bae Burger’, quietly closed its doors last year after only three years in operation, with neither the restaurant nor Gökçe himself offering a decent explanation for the closure.

Salt Bae Burger has stared down some seriously bad reviews. Local blog Gothamist famously called the place “the worst restaurant in NYC” and “an insult to our city”, saying that the restaurant’s burgers tasted worse than hospital food. Yikes.

Are you a fan of Salt Bae’s success? Or do you think he’s peddling overpriced nonsense? Let us know.