Sergio Ramos’ Latest Workout Will Have Strikers Fearing For Their Lives

Bringing out the big guns.

Sergio Ramos’ Latest Workout Will Have Strikers Fearing For Their Lives

Sergio Ramos may not be likely to head to the upcoming world cup with Spain, but he has at least finally found some form at PSG. The latest workout he posted to Instagram shows how he is keeping himself fit, and will – we’d wager – leave many strikers shaking in their boots.

Sergio Ramos is a warrior. An old-school defender with a bit of bite, many traditional Spain supporters are still holding out hope he will make a surprise last-minute entry into La Furia Roja come world cup time. Though – according to Spanish football experts Phil Kitromilides and Sid Lowe – this is highly unlikely (due to Ramos’ age and the dip in form he suffered when he first left Madrid for PSG), it hasn’t stopped him focussing on the here and now.

WATCH: Sergio Ramos’ ‘Champions League’ Workout

What does focussing on the here and now comprise? Getting as fit and strong as possible, and absolutely smashing it every time he puts on a PSG shirt. Case in point: Ramos took to Instagram on Tuesday, posting a video of a tough-looking (and predominately upper body) workout. He captioned the video: “Ready for the Champions League.”

The iconic (former) Madrid number four then hammered out sets of single-arm overhead presses, weighted pull-ups, lateral raises and dips. He also did an unconventional exercise where he pumped his arms as if sprinting, while holding dumbells.

Commenters on Instagram weighed in with quips like: “ready for your next red card” and “the machine of defense.”

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Though you might expect a football player to focus more on their lower body than their arms, you have to remember this is Ramos we are talking about – the guy who put Liverpool’s (at the time) unstoppable Mo Salah out of action in the 22nd minute of the 2018 Champions League final with what some called a Judo move (Ramos denied it was overly foul play, telling media in the aftermath of the incident: “I am only missing Roberto Firmino saying he got a cold because a drop of my sweat landed on him”).

In any case, Ramos’ fitness regime seems to be working. He is now getting regular game time at PSG, and his team recently drew 1-1 against Benfica in the early hours of this morning in their Champions League clash (they are currently top of Group H, with a healthy 8 points).

Just another day in the life of a defensive superstar.

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