Sergio Ramos Chastity Belt Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Killing Chicken Legs

Captain Underpants.

Sergio Ramos Chastity Belt Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Killing Chicken Legs

Sergio Ramos is known for giving the world’s best strikers (see: Salah) nightmares. But he has just taken to Instagram to share a video that may give the world’s weedy leg owners sweet dreams (or at least, something to aspire to).

The video? It involves Ramos grimacing through some remarkable sprints (then swaggering a little afterwards) while using a svelte looking black belt attached to a machine called Battle 4 Run, set to the tune of Trinix’ Sweet Dreams.


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“Trabajo de fuerza, resistencia, velocidad… rendimiento. Una máquina, muchas posibilidades,” Ramos captioned the post.

“Strength, resistance, speed and performance training and more. One machine, so many options.”

Battle4Run claims to be “the optimal solution for functional strength training – improving muscle strength and coordination in an integrative approach.”

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Not only does it measure your power but Battle4Run “builds strength through the every-day movements that we use in real-life and sports routines,” its website states.

“By adding resistance to elemental actions like sprinting, direction changes, pulling, and pushing, the Battle4Run takes functional training beyond anything you have ever experienced”

Benefits include maximum strength, explosive power, and fatigue resistance. Side effects include looking like Captain Underpants.

Seeing as Ramos is probably still a little heartbroken after failed negotiations resulted in him having to leave Real Madrid, we’ll give him a free pass this time. Also: he looks damn good and we’re probably just jealous.

Fans were quick to praise Ramos’ post, despite its (likely) promotional nature.

Entrepreneur @ulissesworld wrote: “Always working.”

Instagram account @433 wrote: “No days off.”

Lots of prayer hands and strong arm emojis rolled in from all corners as well.

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