Health Hacker’s Sleep Advice Leaves American Couples Divided

"Stop sleeping with someone in your bed."

Health Hacker’s Sleep Advice Leaves American Couples Divided

American biohacker, author, and entrepreneur Dave Asprey has shared a sleep hack that will leave couples divided – literally. 

The hack? Sleeping separately – something many couples might assume means the death of romance. But, according to Asprey, it doesn’t have to feel that way. Why? Watch the video below to find out.

In the clip, which is an extract from a recent episode of @thehumanupgradepodcast, Asprey explains why you should “stop sleeping with someone in your bed,” explaining, “if I sleep by myself, I sleep better.”

“What Lana and I do is we have separate beds and both beds are large enough for both of us so if we want to sleep together we can but on a normal night and neither of us wants to rip the covers off the other ones…. separate beds… if you can swing it.”

“Even in the same room, separate beds are beneficial. You still have to get physical touch, but sleeping separately if you manage to get another couple of hours of quality life and you don’t wake up like a zombie I would do that all day long.”

Some followers loved the advice, while others were very much “nup.”

Movement coach Stephanie Birch commented on the post: “As someone who likes to face-plant & sprawl out on the bed with a pillow over my face…YES! 😂.”

Adventure lover Tristan Hamm, however, wrote: “When you see Bae liked this post 😔.”

Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy provided a bit of balance, writing: “My hubby and I sleep together in the same bed really well… 11 years. But if one of us is not well and restless with a cold or whatever, we go sleep on the couch. Luckily that doesn’t happen very often.”

Instagram user @biohackingbrittany, however, said “I love cuddling too much.” Asprey replied: “You can still cuddle… And the more recreational forms of cuddling…Then you just go back to a different bed.”

Perhaps sleeping in a different bed to your partner, then, shouldn’t be seen as such a taboo topic, or so significant a romance-killing milestone in your relationship as many people think?

Over on TikTok, various other couples have discussed this issue, providing further advice for those who want to sleep better with another person.

Watch the video below to get sleep advice and hacks for couples, via various TikTok creators

Asprey has also said in recent weeks that your circadian rhythm is crucial to your metabolism. Which is yet another reason to prioritize getting high-quality sleep – a topic DMARGE has written about at length.

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Food for thought. You don’t have to wait until you’re retired and snoring like a bear to sleep in a separate bed from your partner. Who knew?!