Spanish Model Takes Nude Photos During Commercial Flight With Help From Airline Staff

With a little help from flight attendants, this content creator got to work at 30,000 feet.

Spanish Model Takes Nude Photos During Commercial Flight With Help From Airline Staff

Image: @BrentRayFraser

A Spanish content creator, model, and aspiring writer has come under fire for taking nude photographs during his commercial flight in a DIY shoot that was facilitated by flight attendants.

People unexpectedly taking off their clothes while travelling is an all too common occurrence: from the German woman that tore off her clothes before biting a police officer at a German airport to the nude woman who crashed a sacred rite at an ancient Bali temple, the phenomenon is becoming increasingly common. This week, however, we’ve stumbled across something we’ve never seen before: an OnlyFans creator getting to work mid-flight.

Brent Ray Fraser is a content creator who made his name on Spain’s Got Talent, making it through to the show’s semi-finals by impressing the judges with his paintings created using his genitalia. Given that this is how he got his start, you may not be surprised to hear that he has since launched an OPnlyFans and is now looking to launch a book of nude photographs taken in increasingly novel locations around the world.

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However, he’s come under some criticism this week after revealing on X (formerly known as Twitter) that not only did he take off his clothes to capture content during a commercial flight, but did so with assistance from airline staff who facilitated the shoot in the plane’s galley, as reported. by View From The Wing. Fraser explained the series of events as follows:

“I’m working on a book of nudes. While on a flight, I politely asked the flight attendant if I could pose nude in the galley. She said yes! We closed the curtains, I stripped naked & the other flight attendant started snapping pics. This is not photoshopped.”

Brent Ray Fraser

The move has divided commentators, with some admiring his self-confidence and willingness to make content in unorthodox situations. However, others have been a little more sceptical. Cabin crew blog Pade Your Own Kanoo have argued that although the passenger may not have technically broken any rules, most airlines have pretty stringent dress codes that this move will most definitely have violated.

While the violation is a given — even if the shoot did take place behind a closed curtain, away from public view — the real question here is who should take the blame for the situation, given that Fraser explicitly asked cabin crew before taking the photos; is he at fault for wanting to get to work mid-flight, or at the cabin crew at fault for facilitating such a strange situation?

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Or do you take the view that no one is at fault at all, and this is simply a sign of changing times where content creation, whether lewd or not, is becoming an increasingly central part of our day-to-day lives, travel plans included?

Whatever your stance, we don’t recommend following in Fraser’s footsteps just yet… the jury is still very much out on this unexpected addition of Spanish sausage to the airline’s lunch menu.