Spirit Airlines Passenger Goes Nuclear After Baggage Dispute

"That was unnecessary, sir."

Spirit Airlines Passenger Goes Nuclear After Baggage Dispute

Image Credit: Runway Girl

A Spirit Airlines passenger has snapped their skateboard in half at the check-in desk/boarding gate, after being told they can’t bring it on board for free.

Skateboarder Shaun Hover has got around Spirit Airlines’ stringent baggage rules by snapping his skateboard in half. Arriving at the check-in desk (or the boarding gate, it’s hard to tell), he was told he must pay $89 extra to bring his board (not due to weight but because it did not fit in the box). Rather than leave it behind or pay the extra fee, however, he decided to stomp on his board and take it on for free (in two separate pieces).

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Shaun took a video of the experience and posted it on Instagram. At the end of the video he said another flight attendant who “saw what they made you do” gave him some free snacks because they felt bad for him. A few days later, Hover posted a follow-up video showing him skating after exiting the flight, with the board masking taped back together.

Many other skateboarders, who claim the same thing has happened to them, chimed in with sympathy. Tony Hawk, the most famous skateboarder of all time, said he had a similar experience in Heathrow, but that he didn’t get away with it.

WATCH: Spirit Airlines Passenger Snaps Their Skateboard In Half

“Haha I did the same at London Heathrow because they wanted me to check it in,” Birdman wrote. “But mine went in the trash because they wouldn’t let me take the two pieces as carryons.” Another pro skateboarder, Micky Papa simply said: “Hhahahaha I love you Shaun, you’re the best.” Other impressed commenters wrote: things like “BEAST” and “literally dying.”

“Spirit Airlines is the worst airline I’ve ever flew with. Sooooo bad.”

Another skateboarder, Jon Depoian, said: “I almost did that one time too and they had a change of heart. Would be fun to take off the deck and walk around the airport to see if any kids want it.”

Instagram user @rlivacz wrote: “’That was unnecessary sir’ like as if it was necessary to charge someone $89 for something that fits in the overhead bins just fine.”

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All very good points indeed. All we can say is at least he is taking it onto the plane as carry on – with all the flight delays and lost baggage of late all around the world, it’s probably a good move.

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