Stephen Curry Spotted Wearing Controversial ‘Custom’ Goyard x Vans Sneakers

Deserves a free throw.

Stephen Curry Spotted Wearing Controversial ‘Custom’ Goyard x Vans Sneakers

If you’re in the public spotlight and earning millions of dollars you’d probably make sure not to get caught out wearing any controversial items. If you can afford the real deal then why play around with the potential fakes, that’s what regular people go to markets in Asia for. However, it seems American sports stars care little about such things.

Only last month, NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. was caught wearing a fake Richard Mille and now basketballer Stephen Curry has been spotted with questionable Vans Sneakers. The Golden State Warriors player was in LA with wife Ayesha when he was seen sporting ‘custom’ Christopher Wanton-designed Goyard x Vans sneakers.

The sneakers had the classic Goyard red leather print on the toe cap with the classic Vans stripe running down the side of the shoe. The shoes are a massive step up from the classic tattered black vans that you see boys wearing to the skate park. However, these are a little bit more expensive than your typical vVns.

The Christopher Wanton-designed shoes sell on the internet’s second-hand stores under the label Goyard X Vans for anything from $300 to $1,000. But neither Goyard or Vans has officially created them. Instead, they are a creation of Wanton’s, who has nothing to do with either brand and that has landed him in deep water.

The designer is apparently being sued by Goyard for millions due to his ‘unofficial products’. Take it with a grain of salt though, this is the Internet and there has been no official word from either Christoper or Goyard about the alleged lawsuit. But apparently the issue stems from Christopher not using real Goyard leather and the brand was unaware that he was making these creations.

It hasn’t stopped the shoe being popular online so Stephen Curry may have just got caught up in the hype and bought the shoe because they looked good. They do perfectly match the sports star’s Under Armour jacket which has flashes of red running through the middle and sides. It is not one from Stephen Curry’s collaboration with Under Armour but the slim-fitting shirt is a stylish activewear choice by the star.

Stephen has recently been the subject of conversations in the NBA given the point guard players’ health. The aging star’s ankle took him out of 50 games over the past two seasons and has been a source of concern for The Warriors.

The team has invested in the aging player though by purchasing all manner of amenities of which Curry’s favourite is reportedly the sleep pods. The NBA star is set to play in the pre-season match against the LA Lakers on Thursday the 17th US time. So time will tell if he is still fighting fit.

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