Brooklyn Beckham Style: How To Rock Skate Style On The Red Carpet

Wear it like Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Beckham Style: How To Rock Skate Style On The Red Carpet

You wouldn’t normally think that your skating outfit can fit in at a high-class London affair, would you? But that’s the perks of being one of the most famous celebrity children in the world: you can pull off anything.

Brooklyn Beckham, eldest son of famous British footballer David Beckham, showed us all how to do just that when he appeared at his mother’s store for the Sotheby’s 275th Anniversary afterparty in London last night. While his famous parents both opted for all-black slim outfits, Brooklyn chose to dress down for the evening in a casual Dickies jacket, brown chinos, and black hi-top Converse sneakers.

It was almost identical to the outfit he wore hours earlier at the skate park, which he posted on Instagram. The only difference between the after-party outfit and his skate park attire was his shoes: swapping out Vans for Converse Chuck Taylors, plus sporting black pants at the skatepark but brown ones at Sotheby’s. Maybe he got some ‘battle scars’ on his black pants?

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For followers of Brooklyn, the jacket appears to be a favourite of the model, who was snapped wearing the very same piece at an awards show at the beginning of the month. Despite showing off his own unique swagger, the 20-year-old has certainly turned to his stylish father for inspiration. Brooklyn is also a fan of a bit of man jewellery and can be seen wearing a silver bracelet, a couple of rings and even a small black earing. He can often be seen wearing his assortment of bling along with an increasingly tattooed body… He may in fact beat his father’s ink count these days.

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Not everyone can pull off the look but it certainly works for the model who has not been the face of Burberry but has recently turned his hand to photography, working with UK publication Man About Town amongst other campaigns. He may not have the famous football feet of his father but Brooklyn is working hard to make sure he is famous for his own sartorial skills.

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