This Rare Supreme-Branded Rolex May Be The Most Obnoxious Watch Ever

The only thing more rude and obnoxious than this collaborative 'Rollie' is the price it's being sold for...

This Rare Supreme-Branded Rolex May Be The Most Obnoxious Watch Ever

Image: @justinreed

There’s perhaps only one brand on the planet more desirable than Supreme, and that’s Rolex. But what about a collaboration between the pair? Shut up and take my money.

As it happens, this is no mere hypebeast’s pipe dream. There is indeed such a thing as a Supreme Rolex. Now, in 2021, one New Yorker has got his hands on one and has put it up for sale – and it’s one rude piece of wrist candy.

Justin Reed, a creative who’s quickly gained a reputation for his ability to source rare and desirable streetwear and other ‘hyped’ collabs, caused a stir earlier this week when he listed one of these rare and desirable watches for sale on his e-commerce platform. He’s also shed some light on the history of these watches, which were once considered nothing but a rumour.

“[In 2013], Supreme decided to customize a small handful of Rolex watches and gift them to a select group of friends and family members of the company.. it is believed that only 20 of these exclusive watches were ever produced,” he explains.

The caseback of the watch is engraved with Supreme’s famous ‘box’ logo. Image: @justinreed

Specifically, the Submariner ref. 114060 ‘No Date’ was the model chosen for the family and friends release, with well-known British watch customiser Bamford Watch Department tapped for the commission. In this sense, it wasn’t a collaboration between Rolex and Supreme per se – although the watches can be considered ‘official’ Supreme goods, if you catch our drift.

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“The extent of the customization work was overall rather subtle and minimal,” Reed continues. “Supreme’s ‘F*** EM’ slogan appears in bold, red text above the Submariner name on the dial (more than slightly reminiscent of a red-line Submariner or Sea-Dweller), and the case-back is engraved with Supreme’s signature ‘box’ logo.”

Imagine being bold enough to walk around with that on your watch’s dial… Let alone wear such a rare Rollie.

Mounted on an Oyster bracelet, the watch Reed has for sale is far from mint condition – chipped and worn, it was a watch that saw action (which we actually respect). That said, it comes with its original box, wallet, manual/chronometer certification and Rolex warranty card, as well as a unique Supreme ‘warranty card’ which adds further credence to its official status.

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The price? Reed’s asking US$100,000… Or almost 10 times the retail price of a normal Submariner. Bloody hell. Undoubtedly, this is a rare and desirable watch, but we’re not quite sure who the target market for it is.

The average Supreme fan is probably too young and not wealthy enough to spend $100,000 on a watch. Those who would have that sort of money would probably baulk at the fact it’s pretty pre-worn, as well as the fact that you’re paying a huge premium just to say ‘f***’ to the world.

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But maybe that’s the appeal. Supreme has built its reputation on in-your-face branding and being provocative. They’re a status symbol and counter-cultural force all rolled into one. Rolexes, too, are unmistakable status symbols; they’re hardly subtle watches.

All we know is that we’d rather pay $100,000 for this thing than wear one of Supreme’s Jacob & Co. collaborations…