Photo Shows Wild Scenes In Sydney Airport… & Australia Is Loving Them

Photo Shows Wild Scenes In Sydney Airport… & Australia Is Loving Them

Image via Twitter (credit: Isobel Roe).

Sydney airport is looking busy again. A photo of this rare (in recent years) sight was posted to Twitter on Friday morning by radio news and current affairs journalist Isobel Roe. She captioned the photo: “Enormous queues at Sydney Qantas domestic terminal this morning.”

The heartwarming image of a bustling airport is all the more moving in comparison with some of the ghost like scenes on offer at the start of this month (although, to be fair, those ghost like scenes were in the international airport, and Roe’s heartwarming photo appears to have been taken in the domestic terminal).

Roe’s photo received such comments as: “Is that people arriving or is that everyone leaving Sydney?” as well as “People are scared of Russian invasion – trying to escape maybe.”

Another wrote: “These pics make me love my Newcastle airport even more.”

On second thoughts, maybe it’s just us who find it heartwarming…

Fortunately, we are not entirely alone in our sentiment, with two further comments in the thread reading: “Oh yeah! It’s a gem” and “wow,” respectively.

According to The Economist, as we come out of COVID, travel is going to get easier, but restrictions will probably remain, and cross (international) border travel will likely not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024.

The Australian Financial Review likewise reports that the reopening of Australia’s borders on February 21 (in just a couple of days time!) “will not result in a flood of international tourists, but will be a slow rebuild that will take years, according to the industry.”

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