The Little Known Spanish Town Blowing Up On Instagram

Barcelona who?

The Little Known Spanish Town Blowing Up On Instagram

Image: @elisehalina

From Barcelona to Berghain, New York to London, there are a lot of famous places to visit in the world.

Most people will plan their trips based on Big Ticket destinations.

After that, the way we discover more low key locales can be broken down into three methods. One: tagging along with new hostel mates. Two: Lonely Planet. Three: Google.

That was until a few years ago.

Now one of the ~trending~ ways to discover new destinations is Instagram’s ‘explore’ function.

The ‘tavertet’ hashtag demonstrates this in stunning style.

Image: Top Instagram posts with ‘Tavertet’ geotag.

Tavertet is a little clifftop town. It sits 900m above sea level, in the area known as Collsacabra, in the comarca of Osona in Catalonia.

Below the cliffs is reservoir Pantà de Sau, a dam that fattened the waters of the river Ter in the 1960s.

With 28,614 posts to its name, before the pandemic smashed international travel, the ‘tavertet’ Instagram hashtag was growing fast. So were the number of posts with the ‘tavertet’ geotag.

Unfortunately, though posts with the ‘tavertet’ hashtag have continued this year, posts with the ‘tavertet’ geotag (appear to) have not.

Image: Instagram ‘Tavertet’ geotag, most recent posts.

The most recent images under the ‘tavertet’ geotag are from 82 weeks ago (April 2019).

Whether this is a reflection of our poor Instagram skills or a direct result of the travel shaming and travel snitching phenomenons which have arisen this year is not certain (it is more likely the former seeing as the pandemic didn’t hit until the start of 2020).

The global pandemic probably played a hand though.

In any case, the old images under the ‘tavertet’ geotag (and the new images in the ‘tavertet’ hashtag, for that matter) show why this quaint village is worth a visit.

Hiking, restaurants, peace, quiet; more views that you can throw a selfie stick at. What more could you ask for?

Plus: many FOMO inducing places to park your van.

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The images also suggest that though international tourists are not visiting at the same rate right now, locals (and domestic tourists) are still making their way there.

Image: Tavertet hashtag, recent posts.

From wholesome hiking pictures, to couples and friends enjoying the views, Tavertet looks attractive to visit right now.

As hikes like the Camino de Santiago have boomed in popularity over the last 10 years, perhaps when international travel returns to normal (experts believe this will be around 2024) we will see off beat destinations like Tavertet be seen more and more as a quirkier, quieter option (with significantly better views).

We’ll drink (and wistfully dust off our passports) to that.

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