Tethered Swimming: Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton Shows You How It’s Done

Stroke of genius.

Image: Los Angeles Times

From proving six-packs are an over-rated fad to showing the secret to a sculpted surfer’s body, Laird Hamilton makes headlines just as much for his fitness antics as his big wave exploits.

At 56 years of age, the American big wave surfer continues to prove time-on-earth needn’t be a barrier to fitness, with everyone from The Guardian to Joe Rogan lapping up his health advice.

Speaking of laps, Hamilton just took to Instagram with what we’re calling an “interminable” workout, involving a bungee cord, a snorkel, flippers and goggles.


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“Early morning training in the dark…peaceful in that training kind of way,” Hamilton captioned the post. “Always looking to improve my breathing.”

He also takes the chance to spruik his XPT Extreme Performance Training program as well as his superfood range (and Landrover).

That’s right, this is what Hamilton does before a daytrip.

Other than looking like Ralph Wiggum’s tethered swimming lessons in The Simpsons, this workout shows how a couple of simple pieces of equipment can make a small pool (not that his is that small anyway) feel huge. Even “interminable.”

Laird has also taken to Instagram recently to spread awareness about the benefits of saunas, which he claims has done wonders for his longevity.


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Naturally, he counteracts this with ice baths, a process of extremes which can, if done right, provide a host of benefits (explained in more detail below).

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