Zac Efron’s New Movie Is The Greatest Beer Run Story Never Told

"I'm going to Vietnam and I'm bringing them beer!"

Zac Efron’s New Movie Is The Greatest Beer Run Story Never Told

Image Credit: Apple TV+

Looking for a new film to watch this weekend? Allow us to introduce you to The Greatest Beer Run Ever – a war film starring Zac Efron.

There’s no shortage of war movies. And we have to admit: they’re a not-so-guilty pleasure of ours… Saving Private Ryan, Inglorious Basterds and Schindler’s List are some of the best movies of all time, after all.

If you’re a fan of the war genre like us, allow us to put a new film on your radar. The Greatest Beer Run Ever is set to be released on Apple TV+ tomorrow – and don’t let the film’s title fool you. It’s a war film starring Zac Efron and Russell Crowe.

Based on a true story and set in 1967, Efron plays John ‘Chickie’ Donohue – a man who decides to leave New York just so he can bring beer to his childhood buddies, who are now fighting in the Vietnam War.

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Efron really shines in this role and will make you laugh but also cry in the more serious moments of the film. Crowe also turns in a believable and impressive performance as a photojournalist who helps Efron’s Chickie on his journey.

Oscar-nominee and veteran actor Bill Murray also makes an appearance in The Greatest Beer Run Ever and in true Murray fashion, is hilarious.

Director and co-writer of The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Peter Farrelly – along with his co-writers Brian Currie and Pete Jones – should also be commended for bringing respectful humour to such a turbulent time in our history. The funnier moments of the film are actually reminiscent of Taika Waititi’s War World II film, Jojo Rabbit.

​​At its core, The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a humorous but poignant film about friendship, loyalty and politics. If you’re looking for an excellent movie to watch this weekend, we highly recommend The Greatest Beer Run Ever.

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