Timothée Chamalet Spotted In New York Wearing Your Grandma’s Nighty

Grandma flex.

Timothée Chamalet Spotted In New York Wearing Your Grandma’s Nighty

Actor Timothée Chamalet is no stranger to taking fashion risks. The American youngster is frequently one to steal the limelight on the red carpet. But as a recent sighting in New York City proves, he doesn’t let his style slip even when he’s just out for a stroll.

The man who has wowed us before with one-colour sartorial was seen wearing a knee-length Alexander McQueen coat with red silk arms, that wouldn’t look out of place in your Great Aunt Gladys’ wardrobe. The Call Me By Your Name actor was in town for the premiere of his latest movie, Little Women, and appears to have taken a few pointers from fellow A-listers such as Harry Styles and Ansel Elgort when it comes to elderly fashion.

Timothée’s coat is part of the Alexander McQueen SS20 collection, so it isn’t available to buy just yet, but given the British fashion house’s other outerwear styles cost between US$2,500 to $4,000, we’d wager this piece will come in at a similar price.

While his peers went for entire outfits that looked as though they were passed down from their grandparents, Timothée’s take is a little more reserved. Elsewhere, he teams his nighty coat with pinstripe white shirt and pinstripe black suit pants, along with a pair of chunky sole black boots, to help tackle to New York winter chill.

Chalamet was recently voted the best-dressed man in the world, taking top honours over the likes of Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves and David Beckham. It should come as little shock, given his previous outfit choices, which have included a glitter harness and a sequined hoodie. He’s certainly not one to give in to a challenge.

Maybe we’ll have to start checking out our local charity shop for our summer closet.

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