Three GOATs, One Cup: Tom Ford And Usain Bolt Join David Beckham At Inter Miami FC

A star studded stadium.

Three GOATs, One Cup: Tom Ford And Usain Bolt Join David Beckham At Inter Miami FC

Image: @DavidBeckham

Inter Miami FC, owned by soccer legend David Beckham, continues to make headlines with its star-studded gatherings, even after missing out on the playoffs.

Mere days after the global smash hit documentary BECKHAM arrived on Netflix — wherein Beckham’s shockingly OD wardrobe and all the menswear mistakes therein were outed to the world — the football star has taken to social media to thank his high-profile mates for attending Inter Miami’s latest game.

The latest home game at DRV PNK Stadium was marked by the presence of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest sprinter, and Tom Ford, billionaire fashion designer and filmmaker, along with Beckham’s own family, who seem utterly committed to supporting him at the club.

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From Underdog To Global Brand

David Beckham’s venture into Major League Soccer (MLS) began with a bang when he secured the signing of Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), instantly transforming Inter Miami from a relatively unknown team into a global brand. The club’s meteoric rise in popularity has remained evident as fans and celebrities flock to watch the games.

Despite Messi being away on international duty, Inter Miami’s last home game against Charlotte drew an almost full house at DRV PNK Stadium. The match ended in a 2-2 draw, but the real spectacle was in the stands, where the spotlight fell on Beckham’s high-profile guests.

Star-Studded Instagram Stories

Taking to Instagram, Beckham extended his gratitude to his ultra-famous mates who graced the game. In a number of Stories, Beckham shared moments with Tom Ford and Usain Bolt, as well as his friends, family, and usual Inter Miani suspects…

Tom Ford’s Soccer Debut: In a story featuring the legendary designer, Beckham said this:

“Tom’s first-ever soccer match, and he chose Miami @tomford.”


Usain Bolt’s Appearance: Beckham’s story with Usain Bolt was equally exciting, with the caption reading: “Thanks for coming, my friend @usainbolt.” Bolt, renowned for his world-leading, lightning-fast sprints, added another touch of sporting excellence to an evening already packed with elite athletes.

Inter Miami FC continues to transcend sport’s traditional boundaries thanks in large part to Beckham’s star power and his ability to draw influential figures, who may previously have had no interest in the game, down to the pitch.

While the team may have missed the playoffs, their off-field performances remain in a league of their own.