Tom Holland Shows You The Most Stylish Way To Show Off Your Guns

Super hero styling. Guns included.

Super hero status: achieved. Tom Holland’s novice days as Marvel’s web-slinging super hero is well and truly over and his off-duty wardrobe is proof. At his most recent appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles, the 22-year-old British actor showed off a super sharp smart casual look to fans outside, but it was his serious looking guns that was the real winner.

Losing the the purple jacket, Holland revealed one hell of a casual dapper look which comprised of sunglasses, a mustard yellow (some have called it ‘diarrhoea’ coloured) t-shirt tucked in, beautifully fitted aubergine trousers that have been cropped, and polished brown lace-ups sans socks. The watch? The unmistakable square case of the Cartier Santos.

Holland rocked a similar looking Cartier in a skeleton version at the first Spider Man premiere.

But back to his guns. The t-shirt itself isn’t muscle fitting by any means but it does appear to be a slimmer cut which helps to accentuate Holland’s toned torso if it’s tucked in. Little style tip: tuck in your shirt if you’ve got the body to show off. The natural tapering will help pull in the excess fabric around your chest and waist. The massive arms? We can’t help you with that part (or maybe we can), although maybe Tom Holland’s personal workout videos can.

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No amount of shirt hacking can make your arms look this good.

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Spiderman’s secret is out. Now get swinging.

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