Tom Holland's $80,000 'Daily' Patek Philippe Watch Just Added More Value To His Guns

'Daily watch' is a loose term here.

Tom Holland's $80,000 'Daily' Patek Philippe Watch Just Added More Value To His Guns

Tom Holland‘s watch odyssey continues and this time around the Spider Man actor switched out his regular Cartier rotation for one of the world’s finest names in watchmaking – Patek Philippe.

Overnight at the Fan Fest event in Seoul for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, the 23-year-old English actor rocked one of the renowned watchmaker’s most affordable pieces in the Patek Philippe Aquanaut, a watch that’s taken over a fair chunk of daily wearability duties from the pricier Nautilus.

That’s not to say that it’s exactly affordable. Official retailer prices for the Aquanaut Ref 5167A sits at around US$18,940 but on the secondary market this price is more in the region of US$36,000. For a brand new one selling online at the moment, you can expect to pay AU$80,440, a serious amount of change but one which still undercuts the AU$100,000-plus asking price of the Nautilus.

Holland pulled off the perfect style pairing by rocking the 40mm stainless steel timepiece complete with a rubber strap to a white bowler shirt. Checked charcoal trousers with adjustable side tabs flowed onto a polished pair of black lace-up dress shoes. A classic and simple look elegantly elevated thanks to some subtle Patek action. Hot tip: Those who don’t have eighty-large to drop on a watch can check out our list of affordable watches to buy right now.

Take a bow, Spidey. You’re officially the world’s best dressed Spider Man to date.

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