Australian Aviation Law Sparks ‘Furry’ Over Animals Flying With Their Owners

Airlines are now allowed to let passengers have pets in the cabin. But should they really do it?

Australian Aviation Law Sparks ‘Furry’ Over Animals Flying With Their Owners


Australians are divided on whether or not we should allow pets to fly with us up in the cabin. Representing our different lines of thinking on this perfectly is the discussion under a recent ABC Perth Instagram post.

The ABC pointed out that The Civil Aviation Safety Authorities’ rules changed in December, meaning that technically, you could be sitting pretty up in the air with your pooch, right now, if you liked… if only airlines would let you.

While none of Australia’s major airlines have allowed passengers to do this yet (and there are no signs that any of them will any time soon), a great many Australians wish they would.

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This group is matched by a great many other Australians, who fear that such a decision would spark allergies, cause fights between pets and introduce bad smells into the plane.

One Instagram user said they’d be “more inclined to travel” if they could take their dog with them. Another said they are allergic to dog hair and so would not be in support of pets in the cabin.

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Others suggested it be trialled “on certain flights,” or that airlines introduce “pet friendly flights” alongside “no pets allowed flights” allowing for people with phobias or allergies to “make that choice when booking.”

For those of you worried this might actually become a reality – allow us to put your fears at ease. Airlines aren’t showing much interest in this at the moment, and even if they did they would be obligated to prove they could do it safely.

Also, for what it’s worth, when The Civil Aviation Safety Authorities’ rule changes were first being talked about (before they’d actually been made), Qantas and Jetstar “indicated they weren’t keen on the idea, but Virgin was considering it,” the ABC reports.

It’s now been half a year since the changes went through, and currently, not one of the above three airlines allows pets in the cabin with passengers.

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