Airline Enacts Brutal Revenge On Passengers Who Snuck Into Business Class

Not to mention the rest of the flight...

Airline Enacts Brutal Revenge On Passengers Who Snuck Into Business Class

Image Credit: The New York Post

Video: Economy Passengers Busted Upgrading Themselves To Business Class

Two brazen passengers have incurred the wrath of both flight attendants and their fellow flyers after upgrading themselves to business class and, as a result, leading the pilot to turn around and fly home, as if they were a couple of annoying kids whinging in the back seat of a car.

The two passengers were on a United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Israel. There were 123 passengers on the flight. A witness who saw the pair get busted for self upgraded said they caused a “riot” one hour into the flight, after crew asked to see their (business class) tickets. The plane then returned to Newark, New Jersey, where other passengers were given hotel reservations and meal vouchers, and the disruptive duo were greeted by officials. The incident occurred on January the 20th.

A witness to the incident told Israeli media: “The flight was half empty and there was room, so they probably just said to themselves, ‘why not?'”. The flight turned around near the Maine New Brunswick border. This was the second time in the same week that an international flight from the US had to turn around due to disorderly passengers.

It’s also not the first time passengers have been sprung trying to sneak into business class. Though some social media personalities and travel bloggers claim to have gotten away with it, most of the time, it goes wrong, and the offending party either gets an embarrassing comeuppance, or inconveniences the entire flight, forcing a turn around.

United Airlines’ Polaris Business Class. Image Credit: Fortune

Back in 2020, police removed two women from an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Miami, after one of them tried to hide in the footwell of her friend’s business class seat.

The plan was for her to remain that way the whole flight to “drive viewers to their Youtube channel” one aggrieved passenger, who witnessed the incident, claimed on aviation forum Flyertalk.

“I was seated in 5J and during boarding the woman across from me had a friend come up from Y and visit. I saw the friend crawl under the J seat (more exactly the television console) but began to watch a movie. Well apparently the plan was for this woman’s friend to remain there the entire flight as it’s something they thought would drive viewers to their ‘You Tube Channel.’”

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“The flight was 100% full but the FAs noticed on the taxi out that one Y seat was empty and there was a purse sitting in the seat. Paxs around that seat said the woman just got up and left. So there’s an announcement for this pax to identify herself or we can’t take off.”

“At that point I realize that she’s hiding under her friend’s J seat. I can tell the a/c is pulling off the taxiway to park and as soon as it’s parked my intention is to ring the call button if this woman doesn’t give herself up. She does and tries to sneak back into Y but is immediately busted by the FAs.”

“Chimes starting going off and the FAs announce that the a/c is going to be moving and that all to take their seats. Most of the a/c has no idea of what is going on but the Captain announces that there is a ‘security issue’, we’re going back to the gate to ‘take care of it’ and will then be on our way.”

The other passengers were reportedly furious, as the incident meant the plane had to return to the gate, where the offending passengers were removed.

Flying in the friendly skies indeed.

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