Does Vegemite Goes Off? American Asks & Australians Have A Field Day

"Vegemite, like a fine wine, gets better with age."

Does Vegemite Goes Off? American Asks & Australians Have A Field Day

Many Australians came forward and provided some truly hilarious responses when asked if Vegemite expires or goes off by an American man. Enjoy…

To make a somewhat generalised statement for a moment: Australians love taking the absolute mickey. And one American learnt this the hard way when he asked on Reddit whether the Australian delicacy, Vegemite ever expires or even has an expiry date.

Rather than answering with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, Aussies did what we do best and provided this American Reddit user with some hilarious responses.

Many Australians suggested that Vegemite is everlasting and would survive through severely catastrophic events. For example, one Reddit user wrote that only “Two things will outlast humanity: 1. Microplastics 2. Vegemite.”

Likewise, one Reddit user wrote, “The real answer is about 12 months after purchase as the Use By Date, but this stuff and cockroaches are the only things that will survive a nuclear war.”

One Australian humorously compared Vegemite’s shelf life to politics: “It’s 70% salt so you probably have at least another 6 Australian prime minister changes before it stops being effective against drop bears.”

Reddit user Pavlo77tshirt is clearly passionate about Vegemite and wrote a particular lengthy but priceless response. “Vegemite, like a fine wine, gets better with age. I still have some jars from the 1995 vintage. They’re aging quite nicely, with notes of chocolate, bison breath, hints of backyard incinerators, fragrant cigarette butts, and smelly horse saddle flavours.”

Australians couldn’t help but give hilarious responses when asked about Vegemite’s expiry date. Image Credit: A Glass Half Full

“Medium-bodied and saucy but racy acidity stabilises the spread nicely with the robust tannins. Should pair well with ham, cheese, tomato on toasted buttered rye bread. 94 points”

Reddit user Pavlo77tshirt

According to one Aussie, Vegemite is the key to living a long life despite indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle.

“It’s why you see all them flogged out old blokes who punch a thousand durries a day out in the sun live to be + 90. That right there is the secret.”

Reddit user masterkush122

Of course, some Australian Reddit users took the post seriously and gave their honest opinion about whether Vegemite has an expiration date or not. The prime example being a comment from Reddit user goodgollymissdolly_ who actually worked for Vegemite and spilled a trade secret.

“My comment will certainly get lost. However, I used to work for VEGEMITE (they prefer it to be spelled in all caps) and I can confirm that while it won’t go ‘off’, its taste will change. It’s why people often think the recipe has been changed when they get a new jar – believe me, they will never change that recipe.”

Reddit user goodgollymissdolly_

Overall, looking at the Reddit thread the general consensus of the serious answers was no, Vegemite does not expire. However, as the majority of answers were not serious but instead hysterically trivial, it could be argued that the post ultimately proves that the vast majority of Australians are larrikins who love a good joke…

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