Baggage Handler Reveals What Really Happens To Your Luggage In The Belly Of A Plane

Want to know what happens to your suitcase after it disappears into the belly of a plane? Watch this video.

Baggage Handler Reveals What Really Happens To Your Luggage In The Belly Of A Plane

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Video: Baggage Handler Shows How Luggage Is Stacked In The Hold

There are a lot of things baggage handlers do which – usually – go unseen. But a video that has surfaced online recently gives us a crystal clear look at how your suitcases get stacked.

The video shows baggage handler @__djsugue packing 115 suitcases into the hold of a plane, while also fitting in a couple of push-ups and a sneaky lie-down. The video was recently reposted to Instagram by Narcity Canada (and captioned: “An inside peak into how they stack travellers’ bags for a flight!”). The video also, it appears, left many people enlightened.

On the Narcity Canada account, the video inspired debate among some of the page’s 873k followers.

Many of the comments expressed amazement, with various people sharing their disbelief that this is how bags are packed (and admitting that they had never imagined it this way).

“Why did I imagine this differently,” one wrote. Another said: “All my years of wondering how this process looked.. didnt think it looked like this lol.”

“My back hurts watching this,” another quipped.

“I’m claustrophobic watching this.”

Instagram user @itsalexhoward

If you think that’s a lot, a quick browse of @__djsugue‘s TikTok account shows he has previously done more. One video shows him packing 152 bags into a plane.

Other social media users expressed solidarity with the baggage handlers (“unfortunately It’s very tough job with less pay n less appreciation…😢 imagine they work outside in hot , cold snowing, rainy n windy weather… pretty sad… much appreciate and respect for them”) and indulged in trips down memory lane (see: “bruh what is this? Back in the day we used to have to chuck it across, had no belt lol” and “we had some laughs in them bellies”).

Finally, further Instagram users had more burning questions that for now remain unanswered, like: “But how my bags end up in Minnesota when I’m going to Vegas?!” and “where do the pets in crates go?”

@__djsugue showing followers why it takes a while to get their luggage off a flight. Screenshots via his TikTok account

Another mystery to ponder until the next viral video graces our screens.

@__djsugue has also given other insights into what goes on beneath your feet when you fly. One of his other videos is titled “I bet you didn’t know… planes can’t go in reverse” and it shows why planes are so cumbersome to move around. Another reveals how long on average it takes to stack suitcases for domestic vs. international flights.

Curiosity satisfied? For us it was. We used to imagine giant towers of suitcases falling all over each other in the hold of the plane.

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