What Men Should Wear To A Christmas Party

Dress like you own the company.

What Men Should Wear To A Christmas Party

Just when you thought you’d reached the end of the year relatively unscathed, there’s one last professional hurdle to clear: the work Christmas party.

While one last office ‘hurrah’ is meant to be all fun and games, putting down the briefcase and stepping into your party shoes can be a stumble for many.

Concerned your dire outfit might kill your career post-Christmas party? Here’s how to nail your work Christmas party style (whatever the dress code) this festive season, and still march to the beat of your own style drum. Ra-pa-pa-pum.

The key to any Christmas party is to dress with some flair. Add colour, try something new and always aim to be the best dressed bastard at the event – Luc Wiesman, D’Marge

The Black Tie Christmas Party

If you’re the corporate honcho whose Christmas party is more Casino Royale than casual drinks, go the tuxedo. The jacket should be wool, with no vents and boast satin or grosgrain lapels. For a festive twist, why not consider the double-breasted cut, which is equally acceptable as single-breast, but done less, so you’re sure to impress. Try green or burgundy as a jacket colour to add more flair.

As for underneath?

“Team the tuxedo with a bib front white shirt, and quality dress shoes,” says Poulakis. Think an Oxford cap-toe in black or a dark slipper if you’re more a fashion man.

Don’t miss on the bow tie, making sure it’s black (obvs), and is a manual tie up — never clip on. “And match the bow tie to your lapels.”

The Formal Office Christmas Party

If the party’s venue is still relatively formal, look to a sharp suit but in navy, charcoal or a lighter grey.

“Go a full suit in matching colours,” says Poulakis. Then jazz it up with a personalised shirt and tie combination, that is tasteful. So, avoid Christmas green and red, which are contrasting tones and super kitsch.

“Instead, go for a shirt and tie in complimentary shades.”

Think a forest green knitted tie over a light blue shirt if it’s a dinner affair or violet paired with a summery pink for a day thing.

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The Cocktail Attire Christmas Party

When the cocktails are a-flowin’, the suit separates should still be showin’. For cocktail attire, look to more relaxed tailoring, and embrace the split.

“Try a blazer and trouser combination in navy, grey or black,” says Poulakis. Or consider that Prince of Wales blazer you have on your Santa wish list. “See cocktail attire as the perfect opportunity to mix in classic prints, such as checks.”

Then, pair with slim-fit trouser separates or chinos in a dark hue. Add a collared shirt, based out by a leather brogue, a buttery Chelsea boot or this season’s footwear favourite — the penny loafer.

“Depending on the event, you may be able to go open neck,” adds Poulakis. Tie-less, no stress.

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The Smart Casual Christmas Party

This is the hardest to style define, but is the easiest and most comfortable to wear. First up: smart casual can consist of sneakers, jeans and a tee. But of a certain kind. Luxury sneakers, generally low-cut, in a monochrome white, brown, black (nothing neon and gym-esque) leather are prime.

Jeans should be cut slim-to-straight and dark indigo or black, and your tee should be as fresh as your kicks — neat and stain-free.

“Feel free to add a blazer if the occasion calls for it,” adds Poulakis. Otherwise, the smart bomber jacket is the ultimate dressed-up, dress down ‘tailoring’ to own this Christmas.

The Wear Whatever You Like Christmas Party

These are our favourite. Wear whatever the hell you want! This means dressing like a man possessed by good taste, flair and style. Gert inspired by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, A$AP Rocky, Jeff Goldblum… the choices are endless.

Opt for a loud and bold blazer or bomber jacket. Maybe choose a look based on the Christmas party’s theme. Is it a movie theme? Then choose someone who was both wild but stylish as your muse.

Go for florals, patterns, velvet, embellishments… Go all out.

Lastly, Don’t Overlook Details

“As always, the devil is in the details and accessories are the perfect way to elevate a look,” says Poulakis.

While dress codes and company expectations will dictate your overall Christmas party style, accessories are where you’ll take home the best-dressed employee award. There’s always a vibrant pocket square or socks, but break away from the norm.

“If you work in an office, now is the time to break away from corporate wear and subtly introduce casual wear staples like statement watches and jewellery,” adds Poulakis.