What Women Really Think Of Your Bedroom

What Women Really Think Of Your Bedroom

A gentleman’s bedroom, boudoir, or man cave, is a place of great sanctuary, a little slice of you, your spot to escape reality whether it be for rest, pleasure or work. However, the behaviours and decorative elements that may come naturally to you in your personal pad, may come across slightly differently to the ladies and lovers that are invited inside. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of what women really think of your bedroom.

#1 Photos


You’ve succeeded in getting a lucky lady into your bedroom and without realising, she’s doing some light snooping around. Where does she look first? The photo frames. If you’ve been clever, all she will she see are happy snaps of you with your friends and family, consequently warming her heart and also indicating to her that you are, in fact, a normal human being. If you’ve been a little lazy, though, she might come across the heart-shaped frame of you and your ex. Don’t let this happen. Review your photographic evidence every once in awhile, just to make sure it’s the best reflection of yourself.

#2 Grooming Products


Ladies love a man who takes pride in his looks. If on first inspection of your bedroom, said lady spots a comb, hair product and deodorant, gold star for you. This means you do care about what you look like when you leave the house and removes possible ‘grub factor’ from her mind. However, there are some products that are best left in closed drawers. For instance, a large bottle of hand lotion next to a box of tissues probably won’t go down very well. Be selective with grooming products, and placement within your bedroom.

#3 Nightstand


The mystery of a man’s nightstand has long captured the curiosity of women around the world, usually with the poignant question: what do they keep in that thing? Now, a locked nightstand, while appropriate for privacy measures, can give off the idea that you have something to hide. Unlocked, however, and open to the world, suddenly your private life has become public. To avoid any and all of the above, it’s simple. Don’t put anything in, or on your nightstand that could come across questionably. Book, lamp, old headphones and sunglasses from yesteryear, all acceptable.

#4 Laundry


It may come as no surprise that an overflowing laundry basket, a pile of dirty clothes and the odd pair of boxers who have lost their way to the undie drawer, aren’t exactly aphrodisiacs for the women in your life. Firstly, it’s an eyesore to what could be a more inviting room, plus catching a glimpse of your sweat-stained gym gear in the harsh morning light just makes that walk of shame harder. Secondly, it makes you seem lazy. Invest in the quick trip to the laundry and get it sorted. Clean clothes, clear conscience.

#5 Wardrobe


Your wardrobe can say a lot about you as a prospective partner. Lack thereof, in the form of a dodgy clothes rack, or worse an unpacked suitcase and you’ll appear uncommitted. Too much emphasis on the wardrobe, and you’ll seem maybe a little self-indulged. One wardrobe, or better, an in-built with drawers means your sneaker collection, suiting and other miscellaneous crap is tucked away in a respectable and admirable manner.

#6 Technology


Again, there is a fine line with technology in a man’s room. Appearing digitally savvy is a turn-on and means you’ll be the first point of call come a computer virus, but too much tech and you’re crossing over into cyber-nerd territory. A laptop, speaker system and iPad is a nice compromise, but multiple monitors, a gaming headset and massive blast-your-eardrums speakers is probably a bit much. Adopt the ‘keep it simple, stupid mantra’ when selecting tech for your bedroom instead.  

#7 Mirrors


Don’t get us wrong, mirrors are important in a bedroom. In fact, they might be the only thing stopping you from heading out in any more than your pyjamas and a scruffy beard. However, there’s yet another goldilocks balance with reflective surfaces in any given man cave. Too many mirrors and you’ll seem narcissistic. Not enough, and it will seem like you don’t care about your personal appearance. Also worth mentioning: mirrors above the bed or on the ceiling are a big no-no.

#8 Bed Linen


Your choice in bed linen is extremely important to a) inviting a woman into your man space and b) inviting her into bed. If you’ve let your mum either pick or hand you down bed linen, or you’re still rocking the same bedspread from your teens, it’s time for a change. Plain colours and patterns are preferable, but most importantly, keep it clean and despite what you may have heard, silk and satin sheets aren’t sexy.

Moral of the story? Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, or just having a one-off slumber party, keep your bedroom simple and balanced with a little bit of you, and enough room to welcome someone else.