Hasbulla Magomedov: Net Worth, Age, Height & Condition Explained

Everything you need to know about Hasbulla Magomedov.

Hasbulla Magomedov: Net Worth, Age, Height & Condition Explained

Image: Romer Macapuno/DMARGE

Hasbulla Magomedov is a pint-sized social media star who has taken the world by storm in the past couple of years, thanks to a combination of his appearance, fighting talk and boundless confidence in squaring up against some of the biggest names in combat sports… And celebrities more broadly.

If you’re a regular user of TikTok or Instagram, then you would have likely seen videos of Hasbulla circulating in their hundreds – he’s a total social media sensation. But if you’ve never seen or heard of Hasbulla before, then read on to find out more about him.

If you’ve ever wondered, “who is Hasbulla?”, “how old is Hasbulla?” and “why is Hasbulla famous?” then this is the guide for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the man from Dagestan.

Hasbulla Quick Facts

Name:Hasbulla Magomedov
How old is Hasbulla?21 (DOB: 7 July 2002)
Height:3 feet 3 inches / 99cm
Weight: 35 lbs / 16 kgs
Net Worth:$200,000 USD (Estimated)

Who is Hasbulla Magomedov?

Hasbulla wearing a green hoodie and flash watch, stroking a cat.
Hasbulla has a penchant for cats.

Hasbulla Magomedov is an internet star from the Republic of Dagestan, a south-eastern region of Russia that borders Azerbaijan and Georgia. He initially became famous thanks to videos he posted to social media, such as his Instagram account, starting in late 2020 – he now has well over 8 million Instagram followers, and TikTok videos of the social media sensation began going viral in 2021.

Dagestan is also where MMA great and now-retired UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is from. In fact, Hasbulla and Khabib are close friends and Hasbulla has even been given the nickname “Mini Khabib”, due to his re-enactment of Khabib’s UFC 229 weigh-in, his close friendship with Khabib and even a previous rumour that Hasbulla was Khabib’s son. This has since been found not to be the case.

How old is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla is 21 years old as of July 2023, although his exact date of birth remains unknown. All we do know is that he was born in 2003.

Many may presume he is much younger, due to his small stature and high-pitched voice, but this is the result of his dwarfism.

What is Hasbulla famous for?

Rivalry with Abdu Rozik

Much of the social media attention Hasbulla quickly received was the result of him calling out Tajikistani singer and celebrity Abdu Rozik for a fight. Abdu Rozik, like Hasbulla, also has dwarfism, and so instantly each of them wanted to be seen as the ‘toughest’ little person around. However, the fight never went ahead because the Sports Association of Little People of Russia called the bout ‘unethical’. Boooo.

Regardless, Hasbulla’s social media stardom didn’t diminish, and even prominent podcaster Joe Rogan talked about him during an episode of his mega-popular podcast, saying “Mini Khabib. Whoever’s handling him is doing a f*****g phenomenal job. Because he’s like 18, right? He’s everywhere.”

Rivalry with Conor McGregor

Hasbulla’s rivalry with Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor started when Hasbulla challenged Conor to a fight in 2022, saying “I want to punish this one [Conor McGregor]. He talks too much.”

McGregor responded by launching his own attack on Hasbulla, saying in a now-deleted Tweet, “I’d love to boot that little g*** Hasbulla over a goal post.”

Conor’s comments have now also been on the receiving end of backlash from Hasbulla, fully igniting an intense rivalry between the pair.

This Twitter beef even inspired Australia’s very own MMA champ, the reigning UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski, to step in and defend Hasbulla, telling Conor “you’ll have to go through me first — leave my mate alone.”

It’s all a bit of fun, we reckon. All we know is this: Hasbulla might not be able to fight Conor, but he can beat him in the trash-talk game, the little hot-head.

Indeed, during Hasbulla’s earlier social media days, he debuted his hot-headed nature, before displaying his interest in MMA. He now regularly posts images of himself in exotic locations, such as Dubai, along with photos of himself standing next to an array of supercars, as well as images of himself with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Why is Hasbulla called Mini Khabib?

Hasbulla posing with former MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.
Hasbulla poses with Khabib. Image: @hasbulla.hushetskiy

As previously mentioned, Hasbulla Magomedov earned himself the nickname ‘Mini Khabib’ after a video of him copying Khabib Nurmagmadov’s weigh-in at UFC 229 went viral on social media. Hasbulla and Khabib are good friends now, owing to the fact that Hasbulla has taken up MMA and is from Dagestan, which is where Khabib was also born.

Some people often confuse the two for being blood-related, and may even think Hasbulla’s full name is Hasbulla Nurmagmadov, but this is not the case.

Hasbulla in the UFC

Hasbulla announced in October 2022 that he had officially signed with the UFC. Details of who his first opponent will be are yet to be revealed, but we imagine a whole slew of potential opponents are now quaking in their boots. Hasbulla’s most likely first opponent would be Abdu Rozik, but what would be the fight of the century remains speculation for now.

Also in October 2022, Hasbulla attended UFC 280, which had a main card fight for the Lightweight Championship between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev, who is a friend of Hasbulla’s. Before the night of fighting got underway, Hasbulla stepped into the Octagon with Makhachev for a friendly fight.

Hasbulla claimed victory against Makhachev, after giving him several knee blows to the head and a couple of quick left and right hooks. Many are claiming Hasbulla’s UFC career now stands at 1-0. Clearly wanting to prove he can hold his own in the Octagon, Makhachev went on to defeat Oliveira and claim the UFC lightweight championship belt.

In October 2023, the first footage emerged of Hasbulla in the long-awaited UFC 5 video game. Forming part of Islam Makhachev’s entourage, a digital rendering of the pint-sized star can be seen following the fight during his walkout and then cheering him on ringside, watching his favourite fighter in action.

A digital rendering of Hasbulla in the UFC 5 video game
A digital rendering of Hasbulla in the UFC 5 video game. Image: UFC

What is Hasbulla’s condition?

Hasbulla Magomedov was born with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), which is otherwise known as dwarfism. While many people search for “Hasbulla’s disease”, it’s worth noting that this is classified as a condition rather than a disease.

This condition is why many people may first assume he is a lot younger than his birth certificate would otherwise suggest, with “Is Hasbulla a kid” being searched thousands of times a month. Hasbulal is definitively not a kid or child — he is a 21-year-old adult.

GHD has affected other notable sports stars, including Lionel Messi, who was diagnosed with the condition when he was 11 years old. Messi was able to receive a human growth hormone (HGH) injection, and, while this hasn’t been officially confirmed, he would have likely stopped taking it when he reached adulthood. HGH is on the list of banned substances used in sports.

How tall is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla, a practising Muslim, stood by the Black Cube of Mecca.
Hasbulla Magomedov is Muslim. Here he is at the Great Mosque of Mecca, presumably performing the Hajj pilgrimage.

Because Hasbulla has dwarfism, he is only 3 feet 3 inches tall, or 1 meter tall.

It’s also claimed he weighs around 16kgs, or 2.5 stone.

Does Hasbulla Have A Girlfriend?

Hasbulla does not currently have a girlfriend and, back in August 2022, told radio hosts Kylie and Jackie O that he is ‘too young’ to be dating and not ready to start. However, he confirmed that he would like ‘to get married one day’, probably in the next five to ten years.

Hasbulla Challengers

A video posted to the @HasbullaHive Twitter account on the 8th of August 2022 shows Hasbulla squaring up to a potential new fighting challenger.

It’s believed the other man in the video is Erali Boyqobilov, who can also call Abdu Rozik (the man Hasbulla wants to fight) an enemy too.

A separate video posted on Twitter in February 2022 shows Erali and Abdu going fist-to-fist in the boxing ring, with the video caption claiming the “beef is real.”

What is Hasbulla’s net worth?

Hasbulla posing with piles of cash. Hasbulla's net worth is thought to be over $100,000.
Hasbulla with his piles of money.

Despite it not being publicly available information, thanks to his surge in social media stardom, Hasbulla’s net worth is an estimated $200,000 USD.

However, while his fight with Abdu Rozik hasn’t yet gone ahead, Hasbulla is still hoping it will happen one day – something he says in his first-ever interview with Barstool Sports. If that fight does go ahead, his net worth can be expected to increase.

Hell, it would be a great payday for Hasbulla if he manages to get a fight against Conor McGregor. We can’t imagine the Irish UFC star would have taken Hasbulla’s comments that he “talks too much,” lightly and UFC president Dana White will surely know the kind of reception a Hasbulla vs McGregor fight would have.

Hasbulla Cars

Hasbulla posing on the hood of a silver BMW.
Image: @hasbulla.hushetskiy

A quick scroll through Hasbulla’s Instagram will show he also has a keen interest in cars and can often be seen posing beside or inside some truly exotic cars. He appears to be a particular fan of BMWs and has even found himself in the back of the ultra-luxurious Mercedes Maybach.

Earlier in January, Hasbulla was trying to sell his BMW E38 7 Series, a 2000 model in a very tasteful Anthracite Metallic paint job.

Specifically, it was a 750iL, a long-wheelbase version of the full-size luxury car that’s powered by a 5.4L naturally-aspirated M73 petrol V12 engine that makes 240 kW/490 Nm and will take the luxury barge from 0-100km/h in 7.2 seconds – not bad for a car that’s over two decades old and weighs just under 2 tonnes. Hasbulla was asking 850,000 Russian rubles (~US$12,200) and said he was “willing to trade [but] don’t offer any crap”. He also said that it’s a bulletproof model, “from memory”. 

Hasbulla's blue BMW.
Hasbulla’s new beamer in all its glory. Image: Instagram

In June 2023, Hasbulla swapped out his bulletproof limousine for BMW’s most aggressive sedan: decked out in a tasteful Marina Bay Blue metallic paint job, Hasbulla’s M5 Competition is one hell of a car. Powered by a 4.4L twin-turbo V8, it makes a very healthy 460kW/750Nm, has a top speed of 306km/h and can rocket from 0-100km/h in 3.1 seconds. That’s almost twice as powerful and over twice as quick as his old 7 Series… We just wonder if Hasbi’s also decided to get bulletproof glass for his new Beamer, too.

What is a bit head-scratching is how Hasbulla got his hands on this new M5 Competition. Last year, BMW halted all exports to Russia in reaction to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. While BMW does have a joint venture with local Russian manufacturer Avtotor to produce BMWs domestically in Russia, the M5 and M5 Competition are only made at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany.

Hasbulla Interview

Hasbulla posing with Barstool Sports Interviewer Caleb Pressley, wearing a Barstool Sports jersey.
Hasbulla with Barstool Sports interviewer, Caleb Pressley

Hasbulla recently sat down with Barstool Sports for their Sundae Conversation segment with host Caleb Pressley. It is the first time Hasbulla has ever conducted a one-on-one interview.

During the interview, Hasbulla revealed a few key insights, including:

  • A passion for cars – “I like tuning them up. I like drifting. I like the noise they make.”
  • His desire to remain safe on the streets, owing to his celebrity status and lack of vocal filter – “When I carry the blade, people keep their mouth shut. Now I have my brothers with me… Better than a knife.”
  • That he does have weaknesses – “When people try to insult me, I’m quick to clap back and then it’s beef.”
  • He has political ambitions – “I want to become Minister of Internal Affairs for Dagestan… First I’ll find my haters and make them panic. I’ll slow down the speed limit within the city, but increase it on the highway. All the speed cameras are coming down.”

Also during the interview, Hasbulla once again revealed his hot-headedness, claiming that host Caleb Pressley’s “brain isn’t fully developed,” because he likes watching cartoons.

He also reveals he’s a cat guy, preferring them to dogs.

Hasbulla Australia Tour

Hasbulla posing on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia,
Hasbulla hits up Bondi Beach

Hasbulla recently conducted a tour of Australia, which saw him hosting several meet-and-greet events. Hasbulla was in Australia from the 29th of August to the 1st of September, with two events in Sydney and two in Melbourne. The meet and greet events gave fans the chance to get up close with Hasbulla and have their picture taken with him.

However, unfortunately for any female fans of Hasbulla, they weren’t able to have their picture taken with the man from Dagestan. Hasbulla says this was because of his cultural beliefs.

Whilst in Australia – alongside Los Angeles Lakers NBA star Shaquille O’Neal – Hasbulla explored everything Sydney had to offer and even demonstrated his fighting fists by giving South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Cam Murray a punch in the face.

Hasbulla NFTs

Hasbulla NFTs in the style of The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, and more.
Hasbulla’s NFTs show him as pop culture figures including Walter White and Homer Simpson.

Hasbulla has recently jumped on board the NFT bandwagon by releasing his own NFT collection. Hasbulla’s first set of NFTs was released on April 14th 2022, which depicts the social media star as different pop culture characters. He also has a dedicated Crypto Hasbulla Instagram account, with links to his NFT collection, which can be purchased using Ethereum on the OpenSea platform.

Hasbulla’s Rolex

Hasbulla's rolex
Image: Hasbulla Magomedov / Superwatchman

What does a little man with deep pockets do for wrist candy? The same as everyone else – he buys a Rolex.

Late in 2022, Hasbulla was spotted wearing this pretty little number. It’s a 31 mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, featuring a Roman dark grey dial and an oyster bracelet.

Usually retailing for around $7,500 USD, the dial is obviously somewhat smaller than you might normally expect – it’s actually a women’s model, technically – but fits the pint-sized star perfectly.

Hasbulla and NELK

March 2023 saw one of Hasbulla’s most staggering stunts to date. Working in collaboration with NELK, Hasbulla lent his face and name to an absolutely killer t-shirt that made over $500,000 USD within 48 hours of its release, bagging Hasbulla himself a cozy $250,000 just by posing for a couple of pictures. Not a bad score.

In February 2023, NELK – a Canadian-American YouTube Channel and entertainment company – set out on the ambitious trip from the US all the way to Dagestan just to meet the viral star. Flying for over sixteen hours (albeit in very comfortable-looking first-class seats) and then taking a seven-hour drive up icy mountain roads, the team stayed with MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Hasbulla x NELK tee
The t-shirt in question.

At his alpine training camp, Nurmagomedov invited the NELK boys to train with him, sparring with some of the team before encouraging the NELK boys to take a Wim Hof-style ice plunge with him before jumping in a hot sauna. After a five-mile run to kick off the following day, they all went down to meet the man himself – Hasbulla.

Hasbulla arrived in style, rocking up in a Ram TRX, decked out in a tracksuit and puffer jacket, where he enthusiastically met with the NELK crew. They took a joyride around the streets of Dagestan – wherein Hasbulla playfully punched some of the NELK boys before standing with his head emerging from the TRX’s sunroof – and then settled back at base to take the pictures that adorned the best-selling t-shirt in question.

Hasbulla and Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has caused a stir after a video surfaced of him holding and nibbling on Hasbulla’s ear during a recording for Tyson’s Hotboxing podcast.

In the video, Tyson lets Hasbulla punch him before picking him up and cradling him like a baby, leading to questions about the treatment of Hasbulla. UFC champion Islam Makhachev was also previously criticized for holding Hasbulla in a similar manner.

The video of Tyson and Hasbulla has sparked debate and criticism, with some questioning why Hasbulla is being treated like a baby when he is 21 years old.

Fans expressed surprise and disbelief at the video, with one commenting, “Mike Tyson picking up Hasbulla like he’s a two-year-old is crazy.” Another asked, “Hasbulla is like 20, why is he holding him like a baby.”

Hasbulla and Mark Wahlberg

Hasbulla was recently in Las Vegas for the final episode of “Power Slap”. During the event, Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg was also present on stage, and the two eventually met face-to-face.

Typically, Hasbulla is known for videos where he smacks or punches fighters in the face, creating memorable moments for his social media followers. However, in this instance, he refrained from doing so with Wahlberg, surprising many.

The encounter between Hasbulla and Wahlberg has generated a lot of buzz on social media, with fans expressing their excitement about the meeting of these two icons.

Hasbulla’s Offer From WWE

In April 2023, Hasbulla was offered an undisclosed but apparently substantial offer from the WWE to attend a two-day Wrestlemnai event in Los Angeles, California at the SoFi Stadium. His offer included front-row tickets to the show, presumably so that the organisers could capture Habulla on camera and generate a media frenzy around his attendance.

However, Hasullad declined the offer due to his religious identification as a Muslim, claiming that attending the event could compromise his religious beliefs:

“I have my own principles that I will not break for any money and fame.”


As described above, Hasbulla is a devout Muslim and has visited Mecca on at least one occasion. He also turned down a number of events offered for his visit to Australia due to similar concerns around his beliefs.

Hasbulla Arrested For Joyriding At Wild Russian Wedding

According to Red Corner MMA, Hasbulla and his entourage were detained by police for a series of driving offences after going a little crazy on the highways of Dagestan while in the throws of celebrating a friend’s wedding.

Obnoxiously blocking traffic before doing doughnuts in the centre of a large main road, it’s hard to deny that the gang were interfering with other drivers. A video posted on social media by Dagestan’s internal affairs ministry showed the group of motors, including one carrying Hasbulla, raising hell on the highways…

The video also shows one of the cars with a huge crash mark before the clip quickly cuts to a police line-up of men, including the infamous Hasbulla. The group were charged with administrative violations before Hasbulla’s official Twitter account hit back by posing the hashtag “#FreeBulla”. A post on the Hasbulla’s Instagram read as follows:

“We decided to hype a little bit. That won’t happen again, people we apologise. We had to answer for it a little bit. I wasn’t driving either.”


Dagestan’s internal affairs ministry shared footage following the arrest on Telegram, where it wrote that unbridled wedding fun in Dagestan is known to many within and far beyond the borders of the republic: “In the absence of other ways of entertainment, such a primitive option is still extremely popular”.

Hasbulla Reveals He’s A Liverpool FC Fan

In June 2023, Hasbulla made headlines by revealing his allegiance to EPL team Liverpool FC after an Instagram, post shared by Liverpool midfielder Missy Bo Kearns showed Hasbulla reclined on a couch wearing a custom-made Liverpool shirt emblazoned with ‘Hasbul 7’.

Hasbulla posing with a Liverpool FC shirt.

Joining a swelling mass of celebrity Liverpool fans — including Samuel L Jackson, Daniel Craig, LeBron and even Dua Lipa — supporters’ fingers are crossed for a more enjoyable 2023/24 season than their previous fifth-place finish under handsome head honcho Jurgen Klopp.

Relax and Unwind

Hasbulla wrapped up the year 2023 in Dubai, UAE, exploring the luxury and landscapes of the warm sands of the UAE. Kicking off the year, he recited words of Islamic prayer at The Holy City of Medina, committing the year into the palms of Allah. He also visited Makhachkala, Dagestan.

Hasbulla may be short, but he is not short of exquisite dress sense. He is loved for his ability to choose unique clothing, or maybe he just has an excellent stylist. Who knows?

He proceeded to participate in a recreational shootout in Las Vegas. From his social media, it can be see  that Hasbulla spends more time exploring beautiful landscapes and luxury venues. 

Hasbulla’s Religion

He is also a dedicated Muslim, as he had attended two minor Hajj marking the 2023 Ramadan. He offered prayers while clothed in the uniform colour of white. Hasbulla is also known for his supportive acts towards Palestine during the war between Israel and Palestine. He reposted videos of popular celebrities preaching peace and advocating for stability in Palestine. He also visited Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for relaxation and fun. He explored the pools of Jeddah alongside its landscape. He has been seen taking pictures and riding in a yellow Ferrari Spider and climbing into a McLaren 720S. Based on his Instagram, it is vague to conclude if it is his or not. However, he stated in a certain post with the car in it that it was important for one to relax when stressed out.

Peek to 2024

Hasbulla has shown that he has a penchant for luxury items and relaxation, as well as respect for Allah. Currently, in 2024, in March, the month of Ramadan, he performed his third Hajj at Makkah Masjid-Ul-Haram. He also offered prayers for the families of lost souls in Moscow.

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