‘Worst Hotel In Bali’ Review A Timely Warning For Australian Tourists

From the frying pan into the fire...

‘Worst Hotel In Bali’ Review A Timely Warning For Australian Tourists

The first flight from Australia to Bali in two years took off yesterday.

But before Australians start to reclaim our title of being Bali’s Biggest Pests, we’ve got a warning. That warning? A 2011 Tripadvisor review.

Posted to the travel advice website back in 2011 (the year Game Of Thrones premiered, Fidel Castro resigned and Novak Djokovic won his first Wimbledon title), the review reveals why you should avoid a long layover if you can.

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Left by Tripadvisor user @asiatraveller5000, a 50-64-year-old man from Sydney, Australia, the reviewer claims they booked a cheap hotel and then quickly regretted it.

“Was transiting for 36 hours so needed a cheap hotel,” @asiatraveller5000 wrote. “The reservations booking at the airport recommended it. I paid 450,000 rupiah [$43 AUD] a night. I booked 2 nights. The photos looked ok.”

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All was not ok, though.

He continues: “The room was the dirtiest I have seen in 30 years. Totally filthy. The bathroom must be 50 years old. There was hair and dirt all over the floor. The toilet seat was broken. The bathmat could not have been washed in a year. The doors were peeling off varnish. It was an absolute disgrace.”

“I refused to take the room. They then showed me to 2 others one of which the toilet did not work at all. Both equally filthy.”

“I refused to take them and asked for my money back as I had paid at the airport.”

Image via Tripadvisor

You might think the tale ends here. You’d be wrong though. The man continued: “They then upgraded me to a room in the new part of the hotel. It was sort of clean.”

“Except the bathroom stank of god knows what. There were no towels, or soap. I asked for them. I then checked the bed. The sheets were yellow but at least has been washed. The pillow slips were stained and greasy. When the boy returned with the towel I made him change the pillow slips. The towel was maybe 10 years old and see through.”

“If you stay here after reading these reviews you would be a total idiot. The place should be torn down.”

He’s not the only traveller who has left a terrible review of this hotel. Another wrote: “Me and my wife stayed in the hotel just for a night (thank god) due to a change to our flight. Awful conditions everywhere. The main problem of this hotel is that you get the idea they never clean the place up.”

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“Floors, walls, bathtubs, toilets are really a mess. Even the switches for the lights are dirty. Sheets and covers had stains all over. Oh did I mention the cockroaches? Ok I agree for this amount of money you get what you get but that doesn’t mean it can’t at least be clean.”

“Terrible experience. My advice is choose carefully and probably stay away from this certain hotel.”

Yikes. You’ve been warned – if you are a fan of lovely, clean hotels, get ready to stump up more than $40 when transiting in Bali (or anywhere, really).

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