Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reveals The Secret To His ‘Superhuman’ Reputation

Hard work (and movie references) pay off...

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reveals The Secret To His ‘Superhuman’ Reputation

Iconic striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that when his surgeon opened up his knee for his ACL operation a few years ago, he remarked that Zlatan had the knee of a person ten years or so younger, such was the shape he was in.

It’s not just his knees that are in good shape: at 41 years old Zlatan is still a beast. In fact, he looks stronger than ever.

Enter: the following video. Not content with proving he’s truly not human (last week) by ripping inverted crunches off a boxing bag, he today posted the following video. We’d suggest it reveals the simple secret to his superhuman myth-making. That secret? Hard work.

Video: Zlatan’s ‘Rambo’ Workout

The video shows Zlatan doing a Rambo-esque workout which (we believe) was inspired by a scene from one of the Rambo movies. The exercise involves stretching down backwards with your legs draped over a barbell, filling two cups with water, then crunching up to deposit the water in a bucket between your legs.

Zlatan makes the workout more difficult by putting an elastic exercise band around his ankles – a variation that targets the glutes and makes the legs work harder.

There you have it – a workout that will have you sweating buckets (and hopefully contribute towards getting you jacked) no matter what your age.

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