Zlatan Ibrahimovic Workout: Footballer’s Outrageous Body Proves Age Is Just A Number

The lion returns.

Clowning Joe Hart. Teasing journalists. Sending defenders to go get hotdogs. Calling himself god. When it comes to football Zlatan Ibrahimovic talks a big game.

Generally speaking, he backs it up.

Physically, however, his rig has always been overshadowed by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, much like his sense of style takes a back seat to David Beckham (to be fair, so does everyone’s).

In terms of physique, however, the tables may have turned: Zlatan just posted a picture of his 38-year-old rig that not only rivals 35-year-old CR7 but also puts most 20-year-olds to shame.

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The post, captioned, “man’s not hot,” (a reference to the viral music video) was met with adulation and praise, from “Zlatan the god” to “bravo” to “come to Galatasaray.”

There were a few snide comments too (“bra you are an old man and you are also poor”) but generally, everyone was impressed at the almost-forty-year-olds insane physique.

Though he doesn’t post training shots very often, Zlatan also recently gave us a (very short) glimpse at his training routine.

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Zlatan over the weekend returned from a calf injury and scored a penalty in AC Milan’s 3-0 victory against Lazio.

Although the training appears to be paying off, many would argue the 38-year-old has little choice but to worship the gym and his body. After an ACL injury ended his time at Manchester United in 2017, the Swedish superstar flitted across the pond in a successful stint to LA Galaxy and then more recently moved to AC Milan.

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God and his students

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Rumour has it though that his AC Milan contract may not be extended at the end of this year, with Football Italia reporting that he’s set to leave at the end of the season to join Swedish outfit Hammarby.

As Sport Bible reports, “Ibrahimovic re-joined Milan back in January and has scored four goals in 11 games since his San Siro comeback.”

“However… the Swede’s contract is up at the end of this season and it’s unlikely he’ll be offered a new deal,” Sport Bible reports.

“His deal is expected to expire on August 31 with a move to Hammarby looking likely.”

Whichever club Zlatan’s at next year, comments from ex team mates (and the above Instagram pics) suggest he’ll continue to be both a physical and mental inspiration – and continue to prove the studies that show age is (to a great extent) just a number correct.

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