New ‘American Gigolo’ Series Is Better Than The OG Film

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New ‘American Gigolo’ Series Is Better Than The OG Film

American Gigolo, a reboot of the 1980 film of the same name and starring Jon Bernthal, is a new show you absolutely must watch…

Trying to find a new show to invest your time in, but feeling overwhelmed with choice? We don’t blame you; there’s an abundance of streaming services available these days and all of them offer hundreds and hundreds of series.

But allow us to introduce you to American Gigolo – a show well worth your time. American Gigolo is a present-day reimagining of the groundbreaking 1980 film of the same name and stars Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead and The Wolf of Wall Street fame.

Bernthal plays Julian Kaye (the same character Richard Gere played in the original film), a male sex worker who was imprisoned for 15 years after a wrongful murder conviction. The series picks up when Kaye is suddenly released from prison and follows him as he struggles to find his footing in the modern-day sex industry.

Not only this, but Kaye also tries to find the truth regarding the set-up that sent him to prison. Obviously, to those who have seen the film, the series’ plot is slightly different. But that’s not the only difference.

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American Gigolo, the series, is much darker and more grounded than the original film; for instance, it explores the lives of sex workers much more seriously – a welcome change.

Plus, Bernthal clearly isn’t trying to imitate Gere – he’s made the role his own. Although, fans of the original American Gigolo shouldn’t fret; there are many subtle nods present in the series that you’ll appreciate.

And if you haven’t seen the original film, you’ll still enjoy American Gigolo as it definitely stands on its own two feet; namely because of the compelling and gritty but fresh plotlines.

If you’re wanting a new show to add to your binge list, we can’t recommend American Gigolo enough. American Gigolo is currently available to stream on Stan.

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