Bert Kreischer’s Spicy Body Transformation Marks Death Of The ‘Dad Bod’

Bert Kreischer has revealed an incredibly impressive bout of weight loss.

Bert Kreischer’s Spicy Body Transformation Marks Death Of The ‘Dad Bod’

We’ve seen a lot of body transformations in our time, from the Canadian man who captured his 65kg weight loss journey day by day and the 70-year-old Polish man who proved that very few of your excuses are valid to the “world’s fattest man” who lost a whopping 330kg, few come attached to quite such high profile names as this one: multi-millionaire comedian Bert Kreischer.

Taking to Twitter this week, the comic revealed an incredibly impressive bout of weight loss wherein he has tumbled from 275 lbs to 230 lbs (or 124kg to 104kg for our European readers). While the comedian is yet to share details of exactly how he achieved these results, it follows hot on the heels of several other celebrities who have recently made the change for a healthier lifestyle.

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The Body Transformation Trend

Kreischer’s weight loss follows hot on the heels of several others in his network of high-profile comedy and UFC figures whose set seems to revolve around the ever-impressive Joe Rogan and also includes chart-topping, slimmed-down comic Tom Segura.

Recently, the UFC’s very own Dana White, who heads up the global fighting institution, shared his incredible hack for losing weight and getting shredded in only 86 hours (3.5 days). While it goes without saying that Dana was already in great shape before he embarked on this high-speed cut, that doesn’t undermine the massive impact of his 4-day water fast.

Similarly, US rapper Post Malone quickly went rival after unveiling his astonishing health journey, the secrets behind which he candidly spoke about on The Joe Rogan Experience. As reported by Men’s Health, the rapper attributes much of his weight loss to one simple substitution. Shedding a massive 27kg (60 lbs) Post Malone went from 109kg (240 lbs) to a lean 84kg (185 lbs).

Meanwhile, actor and comic Ethan Suplee — famous for brilliant roles in American History XMy Name Is Earl, and Remember the Titans — also sent shockwaves through Hollywood and beyond with his astonishing weight loss. The once-familiar face from the films of Kevin Smith has shed over 90kg (200lbs) and gained a shedload of muscle as the result of an inspiring shift of mindset.

However, what sets Kreischer’s weight loss apart is actually the reaction of his fans, which has been expectedly comedic in nature…

The Public’s Response

While the most sincere response to Jreischer’s post came from a wholly unexpected source — Tristan Tate, brother of embattled polemicist Andrew Tate who complimented Kreischer on his “boss sh*t” weight loss — others were not quite so kind to the Floridian comic…

Kevy Kong, self-proclaimed MMA Twitter expert, made a savage if well-timed comment about how the eight loss could impact Kreischer’s career:

“Instantly dropped 45 funny points… You look awesome tho, great work”


While another commenter who goes by ‘Tato’ found cause to call out Kreischer’s uncharacteristically stoic expression in his oh-so-lean ‘after’ photo:

“You look a lot happier at 275!”


Overall, however, Kreischer’s fans seem to support his progress wholeheartedly, as do we here at DMARGE. If you’re looking to start your weight loss journey, be sure to check out our vast collection of articles on the best workouts, nutrition, and wellness advice to get you there.