Best British Menswear Brands

British Menswear Brands That Will Give Your Style A Classic Masculine Edge

Distinctive styles beyond Saville Row.

Whether it’s dressing Bond, a monarch, or David Beckham, the British menswear circuit has done more than its fair share of introducing understated masculine style to a global audience. Britain is arguably the birthplace of menswear and the traditions of the past are still heavily ingrained in its menswear scene today.

While you might think the Brits are all about raincoats, stuffy clubrooms, and posh names that remind you of the guys who bullied you at rugby training, there’s much more to see than just the polished suits of Saville Row.

With a plethora of great British brands making cutting edge clothing for the modern man, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best British menswear brands you need to know about, ranging from the elder statesmen on Saville Row to the young and experimental.

Where They’re Made

Whilst British suiting pride themselves on being meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, British menswear labels are a bit more lax when it comes to their clothing’s country of origin. That’s not to say that they’ve off-shored all manufacturing to Asia. Swimwear brands like Orlebar Brown still make their clothing in Portugal and England. Their materials meanwhile are sourced from Italy, France and Portugal.

For high-end labels like Belstaff who pride themselves on being British, their entire collection oddly isn’t made there any more — most of their products today are Italian made. For brands like Barbour, if there’s no country of origin on the label indicating U.K made then you can expect their products to be made in European regions like Turkey, Portugal and Bulgaria. Their biker jackets are still made in the U.K by third parties.

Even brands which are quintessentially British like Burberry have multiple countries of product origin. The iconic label has factories in China, Polan, Romania, India, Spain, Italy, England and the U.S.

Where To Buy Them From

We don’t live in the stone ages any more so you’ll be pleased to hear that many British menswear brands have online stores these days. If they don’t provide worldwide shipping you’re likely to find them through local distributors, albeit at slightly higher prices. Beyond that your best bet is to hit up online stores like ASOS, MR. PORTER, SSENSE, End Clothing, YOOX and Everlane.

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