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8 Best Cheap Men’s Jeans Under $150 For Frugal Flair

You'll be surprised that the best cheap men's jeans are stylish and good quality.

Cheap Jeans For Men

When it comes to reliable denim, not all men have a spare $1,000 dollars to drop on a pair of designer label jeans. Sometimes you just need a pair of weekend beaters that can keep a shirt, blazer or sweater in check without sending you broke.

Enter our cool selection of the cheap men’s jeans which are all under $150. But before we get into the good stuff, it’s paramount you know how to wear jeans properly. More than just sliding your legs through the leg holes, jeans come with specific rules in order to look the best depending on the cut and fit.

How To Wear Slim Jeans

Most men opt for this cut in denim simply because of its balance between fit and comfort. Slim jeans have the advantage of following the contour of your legs to form a nice silhouette without strangling your lower half. This nice fit means that slim jeans can be worn with everything from fitted tees to collared shirts to casual suits.

How To Wear Skinny Jeans

Another popular option is skinny fit jeans. Standard skinny jeans are cut rather close to the legs. They are best suited to slimmer guys and the preferred choice for more smart-casual looks. Knitwear, collared shirts and casual blazers are all compatible with skinny jeans.

How To Wear Black Jeans

Adding a slick and masculine edge to your wardrobe is achieved with a pair of black jeans. These guys can be worn with anything from denim jackets to blazers to tees. They follow the same fitment rules as standard denim but add a much more polished appeal to your look.

How To Wear Distressed Jeans

Ripped and distressed denim isn’t for anyone. If you’re the edgy type then that’s good news, but not so much if you’re the conservative style player. As with other jeans, make sure you choose distressed jeans based on your body type, style, shape and occasion as they will not work in a formal environment.

How To Wear Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are regular cut meaning the trouser leg falls straight from the knee to the hem. The fit and leg openings are usually looser, too. The best combinations for straight jeans are usually looser fitting layers. Double denim works best here with either denim shirts, layered denim jackets or knitted field jackets. Even looser sweaters will work a treat with straight jeans.

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