The Best Denzel Washington Movies & Where To Watch Them

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Iconic actor Denzel Washington has had a long and impressive career. Washington has earned many prestigious acting awards over the years – including two Academy Awards, a Tony Award and three Golden Globes – and has been involved with numerous film, television and theatre productions.

As the actor predominately takes part in films, there’s a huge number of movies to choose from that star Washington; it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. So, if you’re in the mood to watch the actor in one of his renowned performances, don’t fret as we’ve rounded up the best Denzel Washington movies and where to stream them in Australia.

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American Gangster

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

7.8 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Josh Brolin, Biography, Crime & Drama, released in 2007

Based on a true story, American Gangster follows Frank Lucas, a chauffeur for one of Harlem’s leading mobsters. However, after his boss’s death, Frank, through clever tactics, quickly becomes Harlem’s most powerful crime boss. Meanwhile, police officer Richie Roberts endeavours to bring Frank to justice.

Both Washington and Crowe turn in phenomenal performances and overall American Gangster is an extremely clever film, well worth your time.

Where To Watch: Netflix, Stan, Binge & Foxtel Now.

Crimson Tide

Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

7.3 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington & Gene Hackman, Action, Drama & Thriller, released in 1995

Washington stars as a young First Officer who stages a mutiny whilst aboard a US nuclear submarine as their captain, played by Hackman, is a little too trigger happy and wants to launch a nuclear missile at their Russian rebel enemies. Fast-paced and action-packed, Crimson Tide is also thought-provoking.

Plus, it’s weirdly topical with the enemies being Russian…

Where To Watch: Disney+.


Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

7.2 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington & ​​Viola Davis, Drama, released in 2016

Fences is set in the 1950s and follows Troy Maxson – a working-class African-American who sadly missed his chance to become a professional baseball player as he was deemed too old by the time black people were allowed to play. Now working in sanitation, Troy has become bitter and takes it out on his family.

Fences is a powerful drama that features exceptional performances from the entire cast – but especially Washington and Davis – and is an absolute must-watch.

Where To Watch: Rent or Buy on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video AU, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Youtube & Fetch.


Image Credit: Tri-Star Pictures

7.8 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick, Cary Elwes & Morgan Freeman, Biography, Drama & History, released in 1989

Based on a true story, Glory is set during the American Civil War and follows Robert Gould Shaw, played by Broderick, who is offered the chance to command the first all-African-American regiment in the US. Glory has beautiful cinematography, a moving score, gruesome battle scenes and wonderful performances from the cast.

What more could you want from a war film?

Where To Watch: Rent or Buy on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video AU, Google Play, Microsoft Store & Youtube.

Malcolm X

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

7.7 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington & Angela Bassett, directed by Spike Lee, Biography, Drama & History, released in 1992

Malcolm X is a biopic that follows legendary albeit controversial civil rights leader, Malcolm X; hence the film’s title… Washington stars as X and gives an extremely powerful performance in Malcolm X, which overall is a compelling and bold film.

A great blockbuster, most people – no matter their film genre preference – will enjoy Malcolm X.

Where To Watch: Binge & Foxtel Now.

Training Day

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

7.7 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington & Ethan Hawke, Action, Crime & Drama, released in 2001

In Training Day, Hawke plays a rookie cop, Jake Hoyt, who must go through twenty-four hours of training with veteran narcotics officer, Alonzo Harris, played by Washington. However, Hoyt feels extremely conflicted throughout the day as some of Harris’ tactics to fight the war on drugs aren’t particularly ethical or, in some cases, legal.

This is one of the rare films where Washington plays a ‘bad’ guy and he really excels at it. Plus, Training Day is just a highly enjoyable police action-drama film.

Where To Watch: Rent or Buy on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video AU, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Youtube & Fetch.


Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

6.8 IMDb score, stars Denzel Washington & Chris Pine, Action & Thriller, released in 2010

When a freight train carrying toxic chemicals starts running at full speed with no one onboard to control it, a veteran train engineer (Washington) and a young train conductor (Pine) must work together to stop the train without the chemicals – which are so toxic they could destroy an entire town – spilling. Thrilling and full of suspense, Unstoppable will have you on the edge of your seat.

Plus, both Washington and Pine give incredible performances.

Where To Watch: Disney+ & Foxtel Now.

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