The 15 Best Men’s Driving Shoes For Luxurious Comfort

Look seriously cool thanks to the best men's driving shoes available.

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In the 70s, men’s driving shoes were worn only by the wealthiest and most successful, from professional race car drivers to entrepreneurs to hotshot lawyers; the shoe was a bat signal for affluent men. However, these days driving shoes have ditched their exclusive status as they are commonly worn casually.

Whether it be running daytime errands or relaxing by the poolside, men’s driving shoes are extremely cosy, thanks to their relaxed silhouette and fit. They have remained trendy due to their versatility and functionality, suitable for almost any occasion.

When hunting for the perfect driver shoe, the most important thing to note is how it makes you feel. It doesn’t matter if they’re penny loafers, boat shoes, or driving moccasins; make sure you invest in a pair that’s supportive and flexible. You want a driving shoe that’s easy to slip on while providing extra grip when you drive. For this purpose, shoes with pebbled rubber soles are ideal.

However, if you’re looking for something suitable for lounging around in warmer weather, look out for lightweight materials made from premium leather. These shoes can be formal as well when paired with a sports jacket or blazer for an effortlessly sleek look.

Men’s Driving Shoe FAQs

What's a driving shoe?

Shoes specifically designed for driving as they're more comfortable and have an extra grip for the pedal than traditional shoes. Men's driving shoes usually have a loafer design - cut below the ankle, so you can easily slip on the driving shoes.

Do driving shoes make a difference?

Yes, these shoes are more comfortable to drive in. Men's driving shoes are exceptionally lightweight, with a cushioned footbed and a supportive arch. Footwear that isn't specific for driving may feel too heavy or chunky and are not as functional.

What's the difference between a driving shoe and a loafer?

Leather driving shoes are similar to loafers as they are both descendants of the moccasin and are easy to slip on and off the feet. However, a loafer differs from a driving shoe as it doesn't have buckles or laces.

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