The Best Boat & Deck Shoe Brands For The Man Heading To Sea

Don your boat shoes and raise the sails.

Boat shoes have been an essential piece of footwear for mariners since 1935, when a certain Paul Sperry noticed how easily his dog was running around his vessel without slipping or sliding. This led him to cut holes into the rubber soles of his boots, and there and then the boat shoe was born, with Sperry himself developing the first commercial range on the market.

The trend quickly gained traction and brands across America and Europe started producing the in-demand design for casual sailors and yachtsmen. Worn without socks, with a high cut pair of chinosjeans or shorts with polo shirt, a tried and tested ensemble that stands to this day, they’re an essential part of that classy summer look, even when you’re on dry land.

A typical boat shoe should be super comfortable, with a cushioned yet grippy sole and leather upper, along with 360° lacing. Even though the design has pretty much stayed the same since those early days, there’s a whole heap of materials and price brackets to consider when buying your ideal pair. To make things that little bit easier, we’ve looked at the best boat shoes on the market today, to help you look the part next time you’re strolling around the harbour.

Best Boat & Deck Shoe Brands FAQ

What is the difference between boat shoes and loafers?

Both shoes may look similar, but loafer are considered more formal. Boat shoes are sporty and can be worn with shorts, something that you cannot easily do with loafers.

Do you wear boat shoes with socks?

No, but this does not mean you are not going to wear them. Wear invisible socks with your boat shoes so your feet will be comfortable without ruining the casual look.

How to wear boat shoes?

Wear your boat shoes with your nicer casual clothes. A polo shirt or button-down shirt with nice jeans or shorts are better choices than an ordinary tee and jeans combo.

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